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Project timeline 2017-2020

Aim 1. Identify TPE and self-management methods used in practice by ‘experts’ in the field of psoriasis : who are the “experts” and how do they perform TPE in detail ?

Aim 2. Identify the barriers that keep healthcare providers from using TPE : why is TPE underused ?

Aim 3. Identify the patient’s needs : what are the most urgent needs amongst patients that TPE can address ?

Aim 4. Systematic review of self-management and TPE interventions for chronic skinconditions : which educational interventions are effective (evidence-based) and address which patient needs ?

Aim 5. Adapt and refine definition of TPE for Psoriasis : is the concept of TPE clear to everyone ?

Aim 6. Developing the toolbox : can we offer the most effective educational interventions in a toolbox to healthcare providers ?

Aim 7. Rollout period for toolbox : how do we offer this toolbox to healthcare providers ? 

Our findings will be published in peer reviewed journals and presented at public health conferences.

Possible publications :
Publication 1 : Systematic review
Publication 2 : Roundtable discussion
Publication 3 : TPE refined for Psoriasis : a modified Delphi process
Publication 4 : TPE toolbox : content development, algorithms etc.

Possible congresses :
EADV congress and other international congresses

Directory of Psoriasis
Medical Resources

SPIN Presentation