Psoriasis at different ages of life

1.1. Paediatric psoriasis
The psychological suffering brought about by psoriasis in a child, and hence the severity of the psoriasis, is much (...)

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Psoriasis associated with co-morbidities

2.1. Psoriasis in the atopic
Unlike some observations carried out in northern Germany, links between psoriasis and atopy have been observed in (...)

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Problems connected with specific psoriasis localizations (photo 96)

[|Before trying methotrexate or cyclosporine after failure of acitretin, a (Re)PUVAtherapy may be considered as a fourth line treatment. (...)

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Problems associated with clinical forms of psoriasis

4.1. Pustular psoriasis (photo 100)
Pustular psoriasis of the Zumbusch type responds remarkably to retinoids at doses approaching 1 mg/kg/j, (...)

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Related diseases sometimes associated with psoriasis

5.1. Seborrheic dermatitis (photos 101 and 102)
Much more common than psoriasis (affecting 10% of the population), seborrheic dermatitis is (...)

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