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The classic strategy

[|Although the distinction is clear in most patients, the question arises when the acute treatment ends and maintenance starts in patients with (...)

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Crisis situations

Crisis situations upset the theoretical therapeutic strategy, which ranges from topical treatments to systemic treatments, and from treatments (...)

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Maintenance therapy

Any analysis of the maintenance therapy strategy must constantly take into account two factors : the patient’s quality of life on the one hand, (...)

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Combination therapies

Their purpose is to enhance the efficacy of treatments and reduce their side effects. However, these combinations increase sometimes the (...)

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Alternate treatments

The dermatological community has come to realize that many antipsoriatic treatments used to be cumulatively toxic. Having used every therapeutic (...)

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When all treatments fail

When all treatments fail, the temptation is to continue the therapeutic ascent towards strategies that are increasingly less well assessed, (...)

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Psychological management

[|I do believe this is an important part of psoriasis therapy, with many dermatologists using low dose antidepressants as part of their (...)

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