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PSO 2016 Congress - Update your knowledge!

2016/05/26 - Events

PSORIASIS 2016: a major world congress on the management of psoriasis patients, focusing on the needs of the daily medical practice

Organised every 3 years by the Psoriasis International Network, PSORIASIS 2016 Congress will be a most valuable event, which scientific programme is coordinated by SOLAPSO (Latin American Society of Psoriasis).

2,000 international practitioners are expected in Paris from 7th - 9th of July 2016 to update their knowledge on psoriasis during the 5th Congress of the Psoriasis International Network.

Invitation from Dr. Nelida Raimondo, President of SOLAPSO

SOLAPSO - Latin American Society of Psoriasis, a dynamic regional psoriasis network within Psoriasis International Network (PIN) was handed the responsibility of the scientific coordination of the 2016 Psoriasis Congress.

For the President of SOLAPSO, Dr. Nelida Raimondo from Argentina, the Psoriasis Congress is "really of great value, because over the last years it enabled participants to learn more about the different pathways that allow the development of psoriasis as well as the link between this disease and other inflammatory diseases called co-morbidities.

We realised that we couldn’t work alone and needed to create a task force with clinicians, nutritionists, psychiatrists, cardiologists in order to provide patients with the best outcome for each of them.

This Congress is also a great opportunity for younger physicians who want to learn more about psoriasis and for professionals from different specialities to understand the relation between psoriasis and other diseases linked to it.

The Psoriasis 2016 congress will also reveal breaking news in research, new treatments, the point of view of the patient societies, the best treatment options in different situations (children, pregnancy, HIV...) in the presence of the most important specialists in each theme."

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