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Scientific Committee

SPIN is steered by a Scientific Committee that supervises the good development of the Psoriasis International Network. The coordinators of the Scientific Committee represent the committee within the FRT - Fondation Rene Touraine’s Scientific Board.

The mission of the SPIN Committee is to develop the activities of the network, in particular by proposing international collaborative projects, contributing to continuing medical training in the field of skin inflammation and providing support to the development of national and regional networks.

Coordinators of SPIN Scientific Committee

  • President

    Chair Department of Dermatology, Ghent University Hospital, Belgium

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  • President-elect
    Phyllis SPULS

    MD, PhD, Consultant Dermatologist at The Academic Medical Centre of the University of Amsterdam, NL

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  • Past-president
    Luigi NALDI

    Director of Centro Studi GISED, Fondazione per la Ricerca Ospedale Maggiore, Bergamo, Italy

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  • President FRT Scientific Board
    Luis PUIG

    MD, PhD, Department of Dermatology, Hospital de la Sanat Creu i Sant Pau, Barcelona, Spain

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  • Past-President FRT Scientific Board
    Thomas LUGER

    Chair of Department of Dermatology, University of Münster, Germany

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Members of the committee (by alphabetical order)

    Martine BAGOT

    Professor and Chairperson, Dermatology Department and INSERM U976, Hôpital Saint Louis, Paris, France

    Wolf-Henning BOEHNCKE

    Chairman of the Dermatology Unit at Geneva University, Switzerland

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    José Manuel CARRASCOSA

    Associate Professor Department of Dermatology, Universitary Hospital Germans Trias I Pujol, Badalona, Spain

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    Romana CEOVIC

    MD, PhD, University Department of Dermatovenerology, Zagreb Clinical Hospital and School of Medicine, Zagreb, Croatia

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    Elke DE JONG

    Dermatologist at University Medical Center Nijmegen St Radboud, The Netherlands

    Nejib DOSS

    Head of the department of Dermatology – Military Hospital of Tunis, Professor Faculty of Medicine Tunis, Tunisia

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    Emad ELGAMAL

    Professor of Dermatology, Venereology and Andrology, Damietta Faculty of Medicine, Al-Azhar University, New Damietta, Egypt

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    Carsten FLOHR

    Professor Carsten Flohr, chair in dermatology and population science, St
    John’s Institute of Dermatology, King’s college london

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    Maria Lorna FREZ

    MD, Professor in Dermatology, University of the Philippines College of Medicine – Philippine General Hospital, Philippines

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    Giampiero GIROLOMONI

    Professor of Dermatology and Head of the Dermatology Section in the Department of Medicine at the University of Verona School of Medicine, Verona, Italy

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    César GONZALEZ

    Coordinator Grupo Colombiano de Psoriasis y artritis psoriasica (CoLPsor), Colombia

    Alice GOTTLIEB

    MD, PhD, Chair of Dermatology, Tufts Medical Centre, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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    Christopher EM GRIFFITHS

    MD FRCP FMedSci, Professor of Dermatology, The University of Manchester, Manchester Academic Health Science Centre, The Dermatology Centre, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester, UK

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    Jan Gutermuth

    Professor Jan Gutermuth studied medicine at the Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz/ Germany and trained in dermatology and allergology at the Humboldt University Berlin (Charité) and Technische University Munich (TUM).

    Rolland GYULAI

    MD, PhD, Director and chair of the Department of Dermatology, Venerology and Dermatooncology, University of Pécs, Hungary

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    Alan IRVINE

    Professor in Dermatology, Trinity College Dublin.

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    Lars IVERSEN

    Professor in dermatology, University of Aarhus, Denmark

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    Pr. Kenji KABASHIMA, Chairman and Head, Department of Dermatology, Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine, Japan.

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    Lajos KEMENY

    Professor and Chair of the Department of Dermatology and Allergology, University of Szeged, Hungary

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    Alur S. KUMAR

    Professor and Head of Department, Owaisi Hospital Deccan College of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad, India

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    Richard LANGLEY

    MD, FRCPC, Professor of Medicine (Dermatology) and Director of Research, Division of Dermatology, Department of Medicine, Dalhousie University, Canada

    Mark LEBWOHL

    MD, Sol and Clara Kest Professor and Chairman, Department of Dermatology Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York, NY, USA

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    Angela LONDOÑO

    Professor of dermatology at CES University in Medellín, Colombia

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    Fatimata LY

    Head of the Dermatology Department at the Institute of Social Hygiene in Dakar, Professor of Dermatology at the University Cheikh Anta Diop of Dakar, Senegal

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    Alan MENTER

    Chair of research for Dermatology at Baylor Research Institute, Clinical Professor of Dermatology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas and Professor at Texas A&M Health Science Center, College of Medicine, USA

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    Ulrich MROWIETZ

    MD, Head of Psoriasis-Center, Dept. of Dermatology, Venerology and Allergology, University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein, Campus Kiel, Germany

    Alexander NAST

    Department of Dermatology, Venerology and Allergy, Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany

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    Tamar NIJSTEN

    Chair Erasmus MC department of dermatology, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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    Carle PAUL

    Chair of Department of Dermatology, Paul Sabatier University, CHU Larrey, Toulouse, France

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    Jörg Christoph PRINZ

    Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Univ. Jörg Christoph PRINZ, Clinic for Dermatology and Allergology, Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich, Germany

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    Nélida RAIMONDO

    Head of the Department of Dermatology, Air Force Hospital Buenos Aires, Titular Professor of Dermatology at University Maimónides, Buenos Aires, President of the Latin American Society of Psoriasis (SOLAPSO), Argentina

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    Kristian REICH

    Professor of Dermatology at the Georg-August-University Göttingen and at the Dermatologikum Berlin in Germany

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    MD University Dermatology Clinic, Coimbra University Hospital, Portugal

    Lone SKOV

    Professor, Consultant, Department of Dermato-Allergology, Gentofte Hospital,
    Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

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    Mona STAHLE

    Professor of Dermatology and Venereology, Department of Medicine, Solna Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden

    Georg STINGL

    Medical University of Vienna, Austria

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    Diamant THAÇI

    Professor and Head Comprehensive Center for Inflammation Medicine, University Luebeck, Germany

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    Jacob THYSSEN

    Dr Thyssen is a clinical dermatologist and Professor employed by the
    Capital Region and University of Copenhagen in Denmark.

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    Professor and Head of the Department of Skin and Venereal Diseases, Medical Academy, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Kaunas, Lithuania

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    Chief of the Department of Dermatology, Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, The Netherlands

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    Christian VESTERGAARD

    Aarhus University Hospital | AUH · Department of Dermatology

    Richard WARREN

    NIHR Clinical Senior Lecturer in Dermatology, Dermatology Centre, University of Manchester, Honorary Consultant Dermatologist Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester, UK

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    ZHENG Min

    Professor and Chairman of the Department of Dermatology at Zhejiang University School of Medicine, China

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