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Therapeutic Patient Education Toolbox

About us

This website and the project "Development of toolbox to aid therapeutic patient education in psoriasis" is funded by the European Academy of (...)

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Project Creation

In 2015, the SPIN Scientific Committee decided to conduct a worldwide study on Therapeutic Patient Education (TPE) in Psoriasis, led by Prof. Jo (...)

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Project Aims

Project timeline 2017-2020
Aim 1. Identify TPE and self-management methods used in practice by ‘experts’ in the field of psoriasis: who are the (...)

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Research Evidence

1. Systematic review:
Corinna Dressler, Jo Lambert, Lynda Grine, Paul Galdas, Carle Paul, Miriam Zidane, Alexander Nast Journal der Deutschen (...)

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How to set up your own programme
Key things to consider:
Organisational level: Financial and human resources to develop and implement a new (...)

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You are probably visiting us here because you have been diagnosed with psoriasis, a common skin condition that is usually lifelong and can (...)

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