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Bulgarian Dermatological Society

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  • Psoriasis

About this organisation

  • Year of creation: 2005
  • Number of members: 18
Bulgarian dermatological school has long and fruitful traditions in clinical research and thalassotherapy of psoriasis – Prof. Dr. B. Beron (the founder of Bulgarian dermatological school), Prof. Dr. L. Popov (with the sign of Popoff or the lack of eponihium in the clinical picture of psoriasis), Prof. Dr. P. Pophristov, Prof. Dr. I. Petkov, Prof. Dr. P. Mihailov, Prof. Dr. A. Dourmishev, Prof. Dr. N. Kiriakova, Prof. Dr. N. Botev-Zlatkov with their researches on climatotherapy and thalassotherapy of psoriasis. The Bulgarian Psoriasis Group was found at the end of 2005 following the international project for development of an International Psoriasis Network. It was established as a psoriasis working group in the Bulgarian Dermatological Society. The main purposes of the Bulgarian Psoriatis Group are: to conduct clinical studies in patients with psoriasis, to co-ordinate the link between dermatologists from the country and the Bulgarian foundation “Psoriasis” which is member of EUROPSO, to establish close international relations and collaboration with the psoriatic groups in Europe as a part of the International Psoriasis Network. The collaboration between the psoriasis group and the patients’ foundation is achieved through conducting thalassotherapy of psoriatic patients at the Black Sea coast and also through annual meetings which are held for educational and organizing purposes. Subjects such as current treatment guidelines of psoriasis, new systemic therapies for psoriasis, patient’s quality of life are also discussed during these meetings. A common initiative of the psoriasis group and the foundation is the issue of a booklet on psoriasis for psoriatic patients. This booklet will appear this year. Created with the perspective to work in collaboration with the Bulgarian foundation “Psoriasis” on one hand, and with the national psoriasis groups from different European countries, the Bulgarian Psoriasis Group will continue to develop its activities and to share its experience, knowledge and achievements with the members of the International Psoriasis Network.

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