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GIPSO asbl

Patient association


  • Psoriasis

About this organisation

  • Year of creation: 1990
  • Number of members: 400
"GIPSO asbl" is a patients association founded in 1990. Its aim is to inform the general public about psoriasis and to promote awareness and understanding towards people with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. GIPSO is structured in local groups in the French speaking part of the country and in Brussels. These groups promote mutual help and support by holding monthly informal meetings called "Entre nous" where people suffering from psoriasis or simply concerned by the disease are invited : in a friendly atmosphere people freely talk about their everyday life, the treatments they tried, the effects of these treatments, ... in two words : their personal experience as psoriatic patient or with psoriatic patients.GIPSO strives to promote access to effective therapies and support and keep the interests of psoriasis patients in social security issues, relations and problems with authorities, employers, ... It supports also the research by giving grants to students for quality works in close relation (or not) to this disease. GIPSO organises conferences with dermatologists or other specialists involved in treatments of psoriasis patients. It also participates into events like fairs or exhibitions dedicated to health & wellness, TV & radio spots or programmes. It organises also various activities during the "World psoriasis day" on 29th October each year. GIPSO takes advice of a scientific committee composed of eminent specialists in dermatology, psychology, pharmacy, medecine of work ... from different belgian universities for all its important choices, decisions and methods.

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