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How does www.spindermatology.org work?

The SPIN website offers you several services:

>> World Directory of Psoriasis Medial Resources
An interactive map listing dermatology centres specialised in the management of psoriasis. For each centre listed in this directory, you can see which medical resources they provide to psoriasis patients: available treatments, dedicated inpatient/outpatient facilities, interdisciplinary consultations, clinical trials, collaboration with patient associations.
For each centre, you can learn how to get an appointment, and you have access to the postal address and contact information.

>> World Directory of Atopic Dermatitis Medial Resources (coming soon!)

>> PIN News
Each member of the network can contribute with articles, events, works, etc., as long as the documents are provided in English. In this section, you will find:

  • Our "Focus On" on major works or events of the network or special showcases of our partner medical groups or patient associations; also, you will find the latest news published in our website
  • The news from the weboffice provides general information on SPIN activities
  • In the events tab you will find a list of national and international events such as conferences, meetings, World Psoriasis Day...
  • The news from medical groups showcasing the works shared by the national groups
  • The news from patient associations presenting the latest activities of our partner associations
  • The recent publications on psoriasis lists the latest Pumed articles on psoriasis and atopic dermatitis
    When you wish to share information with the SPIN community, please send it in English to our weboffice. We will then post your news in the news section.

>> Running Projects
In this section you will find all the relevant information about SPIN’s ongoing projects and activities.

>> The Country Sites section
This section fosters the websites of national medical groups and of patient associations. Also, it allows those groups or associations that don’t have a website of their own, to create one for free. To proceed to the creation of your own website, please visit the "Country Sites" section and follow the instructions.
The national websites give you general information about the countries which are part of the network and it aims at:

  • Fostering connections in each country between dermatologists and patients,
  • Making easier to share information and to engage collaborations between countries.
    To design and manage your own website, please use the website management tool.

>> The Website Management Tool
The website management tool is designed for your national medical group or for your patient association. This tool will guide you to build a website in your national language or to create a link with your pre-existent website. To use this section, you need to register. Please go to the website management tool at the bottom right of the homepage.
If you have any question, please, do no hesitate to contact our weboffice.

>> The International Links section
This section provides you links to other international psoriasis and atopic dermatitis organisations.

>> The Keywords section
This section gives you general information about psoriasis. It is a glossary with direct links to Pubmed’s main publications on psoriasis. A similar glossary for atopic dermatitis is to be developed soon.

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