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SPIN Study on Phototherapy

SPIN is currently conducting a study on "Current practice of phototherapy in psoriasis: a worldwide survey among dermatologists".

Phototherapy is one the most commonly used systemic therapies for psoriasis. Despite its widespread use in psoriasis therapy, dermatologists’ practice regarding the use of phototherapy has not been investigated on global scale. As such, the main objective of this study is to evaluate the real life use of phototherapy for psoriasis treatment in the dermatological community worldwide.

This project is led by Lajos Kemeny and Rolland Gyulai (Hungary) on behalf of SPIN, with the help of a steering committee including Luigi Naldi (Italy), José Manuel Carrascosa (Spain), Nejib Doss (Tunisia), Peter van de Kerkhof (The Netherlands) and Adrian Tanew (Austria).

A worldwide survey is being carried in 2016-2017. We will keep you updated!

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