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Brazilian Center for Psoriasis Studies joins SPIN!

2017/06/21 - News from medical groups

The Brazilian Center for Psoriasis Studies was created in 2000 and has 2.500 patient members. It organizes the first Brazilian Psoriasis Meeting in the city of São Paulo since 2003, totally free, which brings together an average of 1,500 patients and health professionals once a year.

This Center is coordinated by dermatologist Cid Sabbag MD. PhD, who is a researcher at two Research Centers for epidemiological research and new drugs. He has published articles in several magazines and posters in congresses of dermatology, cardiology and psoriasis.

The Brazilian Center for Psoriasis Studies collaborates with patient associations such as www.amigoscompsoriase.com.br

Visit their website: http://www.centrodepsoriase.com.br

SPIN Presentation


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