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SPIN Sister Society Meeting at the EADV - 12 September 2018


Here below you will find the tentative programme for the SPIN sister society meeting at EADV Paris, on Wednesday 12th September from 10:30 to 13:00 in Room 253 of the Palais des Congrès. The theme of this session is "Stress, itch and skin":

  1. Introduction on Skin inflammation and Psoriasis International Network (Fondation René Touraine) - T Luger, J Lambert (10’)
  2. Impact of psychological stress on healthy skin – HJA Hunter (Manchester)(20’)
  3. Molecular mechanisms of itch and inflammation - M. Steinhoff (Qatar)(20’)
  4. Itch mechanism and treatment – S. Ständer (Münster) (20’)
  5. The itch-scratch cycle and non-invasive treatments - L. Misery (Brest) (20’)
  6. Enhancing Versus Suppressive Effects Of Stress on Immune Function - Firdaus Dhabhar (Miami) (20’)
  7. Neuromediators: a therapeutic option for the treatment of inflammatory skin diseases – T. Luger (Münster) (20’)
  8. Can therapeutic patient education help ? - J. Lambert (Ghent) (20’)

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