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Country population: 33 800 000 Hab

Number of dermatologists: 300


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  • Created in 2004, 6000 members.

    AEPSO is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of people living with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, we fight discrimination and self-discrimination, and seek awareness and understanding from the community and health authorities.

    AEPSO offers legal council and support groups; gives talks and workshops; participates in international events related to dermatology, rheumatology and other patients associations; has a website and a free phone line to hear and orient patients.

    We encourage patients to go to doctors for accurate diagnosis and treatments, and to avoid fake doctors and "magic cures".

    Contact information:

    Coordinator: Silvia Fernandez Barrio

    Address: AEPSO - Av. de Mayo 749 8°

    Tel: +54 11 4342 1874

    Fax: +54 11 4342 8328

    Email: info@aepso.org

    Website: http://www.aepso.org

    Language: Español


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  • Created in 1986, 500 members.

    Psoriasis Australia Inc (formerly Psoriasis Assoc. of Victoria Inc) is a voluntary non-profit organisation supplying support and information for sufferers of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. We hold public meeting, produce newsletters, hold Psoriasis Awareness Week each year and support World Psoriasis Day. Patient pamphlets are available for distribution in G.P’s and Dermatologitsts rooms.

    Psoriasis Australia has a Research Grant offered every two (2) years for work being done within Australia on psoriasis. This has proved very successful with applicants enquiring constantly about availability.

    Contact information:

    Coordinator: Helen McNair

    Address: PSORIASIS AUSTRALIA INC. - 334 High Street, ASHBURTON VIC 3147 Australia

    Tel: +61 3 9813 8080

    Fax: +61 3 9813 8080

    Email: info@psoriasisaustralia.org.au

    Website: http://www.psoriasisaustralia.org.au

    Language: English


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Country Population: 164.7 millions


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  • Created in 1990, 400 members.

    "GIPSO asbl" is a patients association founded in 1990. Its aim is to inform the general public about psoriasis and to promote awareness and understanding towards people with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.

    GIPSO is structured in local groups in the French speaking part of the country and in Brussels. These groups promote mutual help and support by holding monthly informal meetings called "Entre nous" where people suffering from psoriasis or simply concerned by the disease are invited : in a friendly atmosphere people freely talk about their everyday life, the treatments they tried, the effects of these treatments, ... in two words : their personal experience as psoriatic patient or with psoriatic patients.

    GIPSO strives to promote access to effective therapies and support and keep the interests of psoriasis patients in social security issues, relations and problems with authorities, employers, ... It supports also the research by giving grants to students for quality works in close relation (or not) to this disease.

    GIPSO organises conferences with dermatologists or other specialists involved in treatments of psoriasis patients. It also participates into events like fairs or exhibitions dedicated to health & wellness, TV & radio spots or programmes. It organises also various activities during the "World psoriasis day" on 29th October each year.

    GIPSO takes advice of a scientific committee composed of eminent specialists in dermatology, psychology, pharmacy, medecine of work ... from different belgian universities for all its important choices, decisions and methods.

    Contact information:

    Coordinator: Jean-Marie DISPAS

    Address: GIPSO asbl - rue des Aubépines, 16, B-4053 Embourg (Belgium)

    Tel: (+32)-(0)43650738

    Fax: (+32)-(0)43650738

    Email: info@gipso.info

    Website: http://www.gipso.info

    Language: Français

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Country Population: 3.9 millions
No. of Dermatologists: 80

  • Created in 2015, 27 members.

    This is a newly developed group whose main concern is psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.
    The group is composed of dermatologists from several medical centers in Bosnia and Herzegovina whose clinical and research field of interest is psoriasis.
    The purposes of our group are:
    • to support people affected by psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis
    • to inform the general public about psoriasis and to promote awareness and understanding towards people with this disorder
    • to promote the understanding psoriasis for both the patients and physicians
    • to conduct studies and researc! h on psoriasis
    • to organize regular meetings on the subject.

    Contact information:

    Coordinator: Asja Prohic

    Address: Psoriasis Group in Bosnia and Herzegovina (PGBH) - Department of Dermatovenerology, University Clinical Center Sarajevo, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Tel: +38733298136

    Fax: +38733298701

    Email: asjaprohic@hotmail.com

    Website: http://www.spindermatology.org/pgbh/

    Language: Bosanski

  • Created in 2016, 27 members.

    UPBH is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of people living with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.
    The objectives of the Association are to:
    • inform patients and general public about psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis
    • improve patients’ quality of life
    • organize regular meetings on the subject
    • establish a point of social contact and support to members
    • conduct studies and research on psoriasis

    Contact information:

    Coordinator: Professor Asja Prohic

    Address: Udruženje psorijatičara u Bosni i Hercegovini (UPBH) - Bolnicka 25, 71000! Sarajevo

    Tel: +38733298136

    Fax: +38733298701

    Email: udruzenjepsorijaticara.bih@gmail.com

    Website: http://www.spindermatology.org/upbh/

    Language: Bosanski


Country population: 206,000.000
No. of dermatologists: 7,000

  • Created in 2000, 2.500 patients members.

    The Brazilian Center for Psoriasis Studies organizes the first Brazilian Psoriasis Meeting in the city of São Paulo since 2003, totally free, which brings together an average of 1,500 patients and health professionals once a year. Coordinated by dermatologist Cid Sabbag MD. PhD, who is a researcher at two Research Centers for epidemiological research and new drugs. He publishes articles in several magazines and posters in congresses of dermatology, cardiology and psoriasis.

    The Brazilian Center for Psoriasis Studies collaborates with patient associations such as www.amigoscompsoriase.com.br

    Contact information:

    Coordinator: Cid Yazigi Sabbag, M.D, PhD

    Address: Centro Brasileiro Estudos em Psoríase - Praça Amadeu Amaral,47 Conj.47

    Tel: +551132846662

    Fax: +

    Email: cid@clinicasabbag.com.br

    Website: http://www.centrodepsoriase.com.br

    Language: Português Do Brasil


Country population: almost 8 million people

Number of dermatologists: 350

Bulgarian Dermatological Society; Bulgarian Psoriasis Group; Patients’ Foundation "Psoriasis"

  • Created in 2005, 18 members.

    Bulgarian dermatological school has long and fruitful traditions in clinical research and thalassotherapy of psoriasis – Prof. Dr. B. Beron (the founder of Bulgarian dermatological school), Prof. Dr. L. Popov (with the sign of Popoff or the lack of eponihium in the clinical picture of psoriasis), Prof. Dr. P. Pophristov, Prof. Dr. I. Petkov, Prof. Dr. P. Mihailov, Prof. Dr. A. Dourmishev, Prof. Dr. N. Kiriakova, Prof. Dr. N. Botev-Zlatkov with their researches on climatotherapy and thalassotherapy of psoriasis.

    The Bulgarian Psoriasis Group was found at the end of 2005 following the international project for development of an International Psoriasis Network. It was established as a psoriasis working group in the Bulgarian Dermatological Society.

    The main purposes of the Bulgarian Psoriatis Group are:

    To conduct clinical studies in patients with psoriasis.
    To co-ordinate the link between dermatologists from the country and the Bulgarian foundation “Psoriasis” which is member of EUROPSO.
    To establish close international relations and collaboration with the psoriatic groups in Europe as a part of the International Psoriasis Network.

    The collaboration between the psoriasis group and the patients’ foundation is achieved through conducting thalassotherapy of psoriatic patients at the Black Sea coast and also through annual meetings which are held for educational and organizing purposes. Subjects such as current treatment guidelines of psoriasis, new systemic therapies for psoriasis, patient’s quality of life are also discussed during these meetings. A common initiative of the psoriasis group and the foundation is the issue of a booklet on psoriasis for psoriatic patients. This booklet will appear this year.

    Created with the perspective to work in collaboration with the Bulgarian foundation “Psoriasis” on one hand, and with the national psoriasis groups from different European countries, the Bulgarian Psoriasis Group will continue to develop its activities and to share its experience, knowledge and achievements with the members of the International Psoriasis Network.

    Contact information:

    Coordinator: Ivan Grozdev

    Address: Bulgarian Dermatological Society - Department of dermatology, 1 Saint Georgi Sofiiski str 1431 Sofia Bulgaria

    Tel: +359888233123

    Email: igrozdev@hotmail.com

    Website: http://www.bg-derm.org/psoriasis

    Language: English

  • Created in 2012, 1 000 members.

    The association is registered as non-profit organization in community service. The purpose of the organization is to protect the rights of the patients, according to healthcare, inform the society for the nature of the disease and the problems of the people,force the institutions to assure adequate treatment for every Bulgarian patient with psoriasis and psoriatic disorders.

    Contact information:

    Coordinator: Elisaveta Pavlova

    Address: Association of people suffering from psoriasis and psoriatic disorders - Bulgaria, Sofia, Denkoglu 15, vh.B, et.1

    Tel: +35987885450

    Email: psoriazisbg@abv.bg

    Website: http://www.psoriasisbulgaria.org

    Language: български


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Country population: 1322,462,330

Number of dermatologists: > 20000

  • patients association website : https://www.psoriasis.org.hk
    email : psohkg@gmail.com
    phone number : (852) 55426404
    Address: PO Box 33563, Sheung Wan Post Office , Hong Kong
    Coordinator : Gary Lai

    Contact information:

    Website: http://www.spindermatology.org//

    Language: English

  • Created in 2005, 20000 members.


    The Chinese Dermatologist Association (CDA) is one of the professional branches of CMDA. Representing the collective view of 20000 practicing dermatologists in China, CDA is committed to advocating for better dermatologic healthcare and providing leadership for the Chinese dermatological community. Founded in 2005, CDA was registered with Ministry of Civil Affairs as a primary-level national association and organized under the Medical Practitioners Act 1999, the most important legal documents regulating medical profession. Over the past 4 years, CDA has become the one of the leading dermatological association in China and has the most powerful voice in the Chinese dermatological community.


    To promote the professional ethics and to uphold the humanitarianisms to rescue the dying and caring for the wounded, to advance medical knowledge and improve medical services, and to protect the rights and interests of the practicing physicians according to the law for the betterment of the national people’s health and contribute to the construction of society.





    Protection of Rights



    Contact information:

    Coordinator: Min Zheng

    Address: The Chinese Dermatologist Association (CDA) - Dermatology Department, Second Affiliated Hospital,Zhejiang University, School of Medicine, Hangzhou,310009,CHINA

    Tel: 0086 571 87784558

    Fax: 0086 571 87215882

    Email: minzju@gmail.com

    Website: http://www.cmda.net

    Language: 中文

Chinese Taipei

Country population: 24 million

Number of dermatologists: 700

  • Created in 1975, 700 members.

    Education, Reserach, Patient Care

    Contact information:

    Coordinator: Chih-Hung Lee

    Address: Taiwanese Dermatological Association - Taiwanese Dermatological Association - 123 Dapi Rd, Department of Dermatology, Kaohsiung Chang Gung University Hospital, Kaohsiung 813, Taiwan

    Tel: +886-7-7317123 ext 2299 or 3229

    Email: dermlee@gmail.com

    Website: http://www.derma.org.tw

    Language: 中文

  • Created in 2006, 240 members.

    PAT(Psoriasis association of Taiwan), established in Feb 2006, has
    been an active force in advocating for psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis patients in respect of medication, education, and employment, and will continue to give its best effort to light up the lives of many psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis patients.

    PAT’s mission is to improve the life of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis patients. We carry out our mission by assisting psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis patients to receive proper medical treatment and rehabilitation, securing special nutrients and fulfilling the needs of psoriasis patients in terms of education, employment in Taiwan.

    Until right now, every three month, PAT has been supporting group with patients and their families, we truly expect all the patients have positive attitude to face this disease in Taiwan, In the near future, as a global citizen, PAT will reinforce the international communication, and all of us look forward the psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis patients in the world can live better and better. PAT expects that we can communicate and share more information with other countries, and hope that we can do and contribute more for many patients who suffer from psoriasis in Taiwan as well as international society. PAT will stand with other members and countries together for fighting with psoriasis forever and help each other not only for human rights and this generation, but also for our offspring.

    Contact information of Psoriasis Association Taiwan (PAT)
    Address: 10 F., No.249, Sec. 1, Jhonghua Rd.,Tucheng, New Taipei City 236, Taiwan
    TEL: 886-2-29520820 ; 0910187128 (Public Affairs)
    FAX: 886-2-89641064
    Email: psotaiwan@gmail.com

    How to help us 『Let love surround psoriasis patients』
    You can use the way shown below to give your support to PAT.

    1. Fund transfer by post office
    Account number:19985324
    Account name: Psoriasis Association Taiwan
    2. Wire transfer or transfer accounts
    Bank code:008
    Bank name: Hwa Nan Bank —BanQiao branch
    Account name: Psoriasis Association Taiwan

    Contact information:

    Coordinator: Mr. Yi-Mou Ko

    Address: Psoriasis Association Taiwan - 10 F., No.249, Sec. 1, Jhonghua Rd.,Tucheng, New Taipei City 236, Taiwan

    Tel: 886-2-2952-0820

    Fax: 886-2-8964-1064

    Email: psotaiwan@gmail.com

    Website: http://www.psoat.org.tw

    Language: 中文


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  • Created in 2004, 250 members.

    Colombian Psoriasis Foundation is a non profit institution with the mission to give colaboration, information and support to people with psoriasis in Colombia. The Foundation is independent of pharmaceutical laboratories and does not receive any income from them.
    The Foundation has a website where people with psoriasis can be affiliated and the Foundation sends them a monthly newsletter with news and information on treatments, research on psoriasis. The foundation has a section where patients ask the experts on psoriasis matters.
    The Foundation also receives informartion on collateral injuries due to the prescription of new therapies like biologics.
    The foundation is conforming a group of doctors and other professionals as advisers to the institution.

    Contact information:

    Coordinator: Jaime Aldana

    Address: Fundación Colombiana de Psoriasis - Calle 116 # 15B-53 Of. 701

    Tel: 571 7509486

    Email: info@psoriasiscolombia.com

    Website: http://www.psoriasiscolombia.com

    Language: Español

Costa Rica

We have ASCODE (which stands for the Costarrican Association of Dermatologists), and we formed the Psoriasis Chapter.

Population: 4.8 million
No. of dermatologists: 160

  • Created in 2007, 10 members.

    Were are a group of Dermatologist that belong to the national dermatology group and have a passion for inflammatory skin disease with special interest in Psoriasis. We are trying to educate the general population about this very important condition and
    to stimulate patients to form the Costarrican Psoriasis Patients Association.
    We also try to strive for a better understanding of Psoriasis by other dermatologists and health care providers.

    Contact information:

    Coordinator: Benjamín Hidalgo-Matlock

    Address: Grupo Psoriasis - Asociación Costarricense de Dermatología - San José Costa Rica, Hospital Mexico

    Tel: %! 2B506 40001054

    Fax: none

    Email: bhidalgo@gmail.com

    Website: http://www.spindermatology.org/ascode/

    Language: Español

Czech Republic

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  • Created in 1989, 500 members.

    In Czech Republic, there are about 500 active members of the Czech Psoriatic and Atopic Eczema Association, established 1990.
    We work as a voluntary and non-profit civic association. Our Psoriatic and Atopic Eczema Association meets the needs of all citizens who are afflicted with these dermatic deseases. Those who are involved in the activities of our association either from the human or career perspective can become our members too.

    What is our purpose?

    • We want to improve the forms of treatment and reach better social & economic living conditions for these disabled citizens
    • We want to inform them about medicines cosmetics and alternative ways of treatment
    • We want to carry out edifying activity through the media
    • Exchange experience among individual members of our Psoriatic and Atopic Eczema Association
    • To establish contacts with european partners
    • To organize curative seaside stays

    About our cooperation

    • With doctors and expert sites of some universities
    • With similar European patient organizations
    • With pharmaceutical companies and cosmetics manufacturers & dealers
    • With the government subcommittee for the legislative preparation – with the national council for the handicapped

    Where we occassionally encounter?

    • Via club activities of the Psoriatic and Atopic Eczema Association
    • Once a year on the occassion of the National congress
    • On various actions organized by Psoriatic and Atopic Eczema Association, curative seaside stays and so on

    How can a member get information?

    • Via bulletin issued six a year for the members
    • Exchange of the personal experiences on various members meetings

    Contact information:

    Coordinator: Josef Pohunek

    Address: Psoriatic and Atopic Eczema Association Czech Republic (SPAE CZ) - P.O.Box 15,CZ 14100 Prague 41

    Tel: +420607916860

    Email: pohunek@gmail.com

    Website: http://spae-cz.webnode.cz/

    Language: čeština

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a Caribbean nation that shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti to the west.
Population: 10.63 million

  • We are a group with very diverse profiles but with a common goal: "That no one suffers from Psoriasis" and although this dream began with a small group of people in 2013 our impact has grown exponentially, in 2017 we were recognized by the Federation International of Psoriasis Associations IFPA, and until today we are working with great effort to achieve that this objective reaches all Dominican homes and the world.

    Seeing the need for better management of psoriasis and a large part of the patients without treatment or without being able to obtain medical attention or access to treatments due to lack of economic resources, in addition to noting that Psoriasis is a little known disease in the country and therefore little thought had been given to having it as a skin disease.

    It was necessary to emphasize that Psoriasis:

    It has both physical, psychosocial and socioeconomic consequences;
    It is connected with psoriatic arthritis and increases the risk of various comorbid diseases;
    It can lead to unnecessary suffering due to insufficient access to healthcare.

    Our mission:

    Grant protection, assistance, up-to-date scientific information, help and supply of medications, to any person medically diagnosed with chronic, painful, disfiguring and disabling non-communicable disease, without cure; what is Psoriasis.

    Internet webSite : https://www.funapapso.org/mision

    Address : Santiago, República Dominicana.

    Phone : +1 (809) 888-8888

    Mail : Funapapso@gmail.com

    Contact information:

    Website: http://www.spindermatology.org//

    Language: English


Country population: 80 millions

Number of dermatologists: 3000

  • Created in 2008, 300 members.

    The Egyptian Psoriasis Network (EPN) aims at increasing the awareness of psoriasis among dermatologists and other healthcare professionals, evaluate the incidence and prevalence of psoriasis in Egypt, assess the prevalence of different clinical types of psoriasis , assess the different therapeutic modalities used and supporting psoriasis patients and their families. For these purposes, EPN organizes scientific meetings in different cities of Egypt in collaboration with dermatology departments of Universities and Ministry of Health.

    Contact information:

    Coordinator: Prof. Emad Elgamal

    Address: Egyptian Psoriasis Network - 35 Sarhank Street . Loran . Alexandria

    Tel: +201223216807

    Email: elgamal55@yahoo.co.uk

    Website: http://www.egyptianpsoriasisnetwork.com

    Language: English


In Finland, psoriasis is estimated to affect some 150 000 people.

  • Created in 1975, approximately 14 000 members.

    The Finnish Psoriasis Association works to support people affected by psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis in Finland and to promote their interests. Founded in 1975, the Finnish Psoriasis Association acts as the central organisation for over 50 local psoriasis associations around the country and has a membership of 14 000.

    The Finnish Psoriasis Association has its central office in Helsinki. It also has five regional offices, which cooperate closely with the local associations. The regional offices are located in Helsinki, Turku, Tampere, Kuopio and Oulu.

    The Finnish Psoriasis Association provides the following services in cooperation with the local associations:

    - training courses on the basics of psoriasis
    - rehabilitation and guidance on treatment,
    - phototherapy and climate therapy
    - information material

    The Finnish Psoriasis Association also works to inform the general public about psoriasis and to promote awareness and understanding towards people with psoriasis. It also gives advice and arranges training courses on psoriasis and its treatment. Acting as the interest group of people with psoriasis in Finland, the Finnish Psoriasis Association strives to promote access to effective therapies and to promote the interests of psoriasis patients in social security issues, including compensation policy for medications.

    The Finnish Psoriasis Association supports the local associations in their activities. An important aspect of the local activities are support groups and support person networks. They help to connect psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis patients with each other to educate each other and share experiences. Additionally, the family members and friends of people with psoriasis are welcome to participate in the training activities. The local associations also operate sports groups and arrange other recreational activities for their members.

    The Finnish Psoriasis Association has a separate section for the youth, called Nupso. It organises events dedicated to the youth. These include trips, camps and get-togethers. The aim of Nupso’s activities is to reach young people with psoriasis (under 30 years of age) and to bring them together, helping them to realise that they are not alone with the disease.

    Rehabilitation centre Kuntoutumiskeskus IHO
    The Finnish Psoriasis Association owns a rehabilitation centre, Kuntoutumiskeskus IHO, located at Fredrikinkatu in Helsinki. The rehabilitation centre provides training and rehabilitation services for people with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis and with other skin diseases.

    Contact information:

    Coordinator: Ingemo Törnroos

    Address: Psoriasisliitto - Fredrikinkatu 27 A 3

    Tel: +358 9 2511 900

    Fax: +358 9 2511 9088

    Email: liittotoimisto@psori.fi

    Website: http://www.psoriasisliitto.fi

    Language: Suomi


There is more than 3400 dermatologists per 60 millions of inhabitants in France. 92 % of them are in private practice and 8 % of them are in hospital.


Country population: 4 500 000

Number of dermatologists: 350

GEORGIAN ASSOCIATION OF DERMATOVENEREOLOGISTS; TDAV dermato-venereological association of Tbilisi.

  • Created in 2009, 100 members.

    Psoriasis is as old as human history. It accompanies humans, threatens their physical and psychical health. “Psoriasis as a model of dermatological diseases and a key of dermatology remains a mystery even in the 21st century.

    PSO Georgia, the Psoriasis Association of Georgia was established in 2009 year and takes its initial steps now.

    The purposes of our association are:

    1. Integration of doctors dermato-venereologists, doctors of other specialties, patients with psoriasis, as well as those people, who are interested is this problem;

    2. Having a complete information about psoriasis and providing and sharing of this information with doctors, patients, members of their families and the society in future by means of information (mass media, conferences, debates, seminars, conduction of national congresses, brochures);

    3. Full support of the patients with psoriasis;

    4. Protection of their health rights (establishing exact criteria for restriction of work qualification of patients with psoriasis)

    5. Physical (their familiarization with modern methods of treatment of psoriasis) and material (searching medical institutions and pharmaceutical firms) support;

    6. Destruction of stereotype existing in the society - psoriasis, as a stigma – and assessment of psychological condition and psychological support of the patients with psoriasis.

    7. Integration of our association with the similar associations worldwide. Involvement of Georgian specialists in clinical and therapeutic researches of psoriasis and making our contribution to this important cause.

    Contact information:

    Coordinator: Nino Chijavadze

    Address: Association Psoriasis of Georgia - #15, Dumbadze St., Kutaisi, Georgia

    Tel: +995 99 26 46 90

    Email: nini.chijavadze@gmail.com

    Website: http://www.pso-georgia.ge

    Language: English

  • Created in 2010, 7 members.

    Georgian Psoriasis Patients ‘Association (further in the text non-entrepreneurial, legal person) was established by the decision #1 of founder in accordance with the Civil Code of Georgia, as non-entrepreneurial and non-commercial legal person, in 15 June 2010

    Non-Entrepreneurial and Non-commercial Legal Person is established since its registration at National Agency of Public Registry and its existence is not limited;

    Non-Entrepreneurial and Non-commercial Legal Person is not responsible for state’s duties;

    The state is not responsible for non-entrepreneurial and non-commercial legal person’s duties;
    "Our mission is to improve the quality of life of people who have psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. Through education and advocacy, we promote awareness and understanding, ensure access to treatment and support research that will lead to effective management and, ultimately, a cure.”

    Contact information:

    Coordinator: Mr. Otar Tkemaladze

    Address: Georgian Psoriasis Patients’ Association - Suite # 5, Alexander Kazbege Ave. # 11, Tbilisi, Georgia

    Tel: +995 32 988189

    Fax: +995 32 988189

    Email: info@psoriasis.ge

    Website: http://www.psoriasis.ge

    Language: English


Country population: 80 Million

Number of dermatologists: 3500

  • Created in 1997, 3500 members.

    PSOAG is an umbrella organisation of 12 regional, independent patient groups. There is a central (Psoriasis Buero Berlin), where everybody can get informations and consultations - free and without membership! All necessary informations will be open exchanged between the groups.

    We are the pioneers of the German Psoriasis Community in the world wide web. Our organisation is absolutely independent. In Germany the health insurance companies have to give money to patient associations like us - by law! Our positions are strict justified by the interests of psoriasis patients: factual, critical and true.

    We are working all unsalaried - there are no high paid managers or functionaries. Our interest is to bring a good service to us, the psoriasis patients. We are not interested in a high number of members or in the best position as a lobby in the politics.

    Contact information:

    Coordinator: Mr. Rolf Blaga

    Address: Psoriasis Selbsthilfe Arbeitsgemeinschaft e.V. (PSOAG) - Schmitzweg 64

    Tel: ++49 30 61 28 30 90

    Fax: ++49 30 61 28 30 90

    Email: info@psoriasis-selbsthilfe.org

    Website: http://www.Psoriasis-Selbsthilfe.org

    Language: Deutsch

  • Created in 1973, more than 7.000 members.

    The German Psoriasis Association was established in 1973. Today we have more than 7.000 members. In 35 regional groups, teams of volunteers organize meetings and lectures and help you with your personal problems. Additional we have more than hundred contactpersons all over Germany, who are willing to let you take part of their experiences. Our office is the central advice and direction facility where you can get information as well as the phone numbers of our regional groups and contactpersons in your area.

    We represent the interests of the people with psoriasis in the Federal Republic of Germany and stand up for all their concerns in the society. We want to:

    • Improve the health care of all people with psoriasis
    • See the psoriasis fully accepted as a disability
    • Enlighten the public about our disease
    • Bring forward the research about the reasons and the treatment options of the psoriasis and collect and communicate the information
    • Activate the collaboration with other national or and international Self-Help-Organisations

    Our major achievements are:

    We helped the treatment option Fumarderm® to be accepted in Germany and ended the discrimination of people with psoriasis in the bathorder.

    With more than 7.000 members we are a large Self-Help-Organisation but that is not enough. Because the duties and responsibilities for the concerns of the people with psoriasis are increasing constantly, we have to increase our number of members. You can do something for yourself and your 3 Million fellow sufferers: Become a member of the German Psoriasis Association, contact us.

    Contact information:

    Coordinator: Hans-Detlev Kunz

    Address: Deutscher Psoriasis Bund e. V. - Seewartenstraße 10

    Tel: +49/40/2233990

    Fax: +49/40/22339922

    Email: info@psoriasis-bund.de

    Website: http://www.psoriasis-bund.de

    Language: Deutsch

  • Created in 2004, 25 members.

    The German Psoriasis Guidelines group works on the development of evidence based treatment guidelines (S3-Level).

    The aim of the group is an improvement of care provided to patients suffering from psoriasis vulgaris.

    The guidelines were first published in 2006 in the Journal of the German Society of Dermatology. An update is under preparation and is expected by the end of 2009.

    Additional information is available under www.psoriasis-leitlinie.de

    Contact information:

    Coordinator: Dr. med. Alexander Nast

    Address: Deutsche Psoriasis Leitlinien Gruppe - Division of Evidence Based Medicine, Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Charité Platz 1, 10117 Berlin, Germany

    Tel: 0049 - 30 - 450 518 283

    Email: alexander.nast@charite.de

    Website: http://www.psoriasis-leitlinie.de

    Language: Deutsch


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  • Created in 2015, 40 members.

    The Panhellenic Society of Patients with Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis ‘Epidermia’ is a non- profit organization, aiming in the protection and assertion of patient rights with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, as well as the strengthening of his voice. Moreover Epidermia is aiming in increasing the public awareness about psoriasis as well as psoriatic arthritis.

    Contact information:

    Coordinator: Tina Koukopoulou

    Address: Epidermia - Anaximandrou 96B, Thessaloniki, Greece

    Tel: +302313015848

    Email: epidermia.greece@gmail.com

    Website: http://www.epidermia.gr

    Language: Ἀρχαία Ἑλληνική


Country population: 4,5 millions

Number of dermatologists: 180

  • Created in 2008, 30 members.

    The Psoriasis Patient Association has many experience sharing, discussions, and meetings as well as symposiums with Slovenian and Italian patient association. The close collaboration in clinical and therapeutical studies was with colleagues from Health Resort Veli Lošinj, Croatia (Danijel Živković, MD, Branko Vukelić, MD). Yet, more than 20 Croatian dermatologists/venereologists in Zagreb, Osijek, Split and Rijeka have been actively engaged in the national and international surveys and management of psoriasis. The Croatian Dermatovenereological Society (CDS) has about 180 members. On National Congresses and Meetings thema on psoriasis was always well represented. The official journal CDS is "Acta Dermatovenerologica Croatica" in which CDS members very often published scientific studies, diagnostic and therapeutic achievements on psoriasis. Every year we organize Croatian-Italian meeting on psoriasis.

    Contact information:

    Coordinator: Aida Pašić

    Address: Croatian Psoriasis Working Group - Å alata 4

    Tel: +385 1 4552 333, local 137

    Fax: +385 1 4920 014

    Email: aida_pasic@yahoo.com

    Website: http://www.spindermatology.org/cpwg/

    Language: Hrvatski

  • Created in 1985, 1000 members.

    After years of inactivity, the Croatian Psoriasis Association started again its work, with complete new board members, in February 2012.

    The Croatian Association of Patients with Psoriasis is a voluntary, humanitarian social organisation that gathers people suffering from any kind of the disease called PSORIASIS throughout the Republic of Croatia.
    The Association gathers and organizes all patients suffering from psoriasis as well as other people, it organises and supports the treatment of the patient, it raises the awareness of psoriasis among patients and within their environment; our Association also supports, organizes and helps medical research in the field of psoriasis and is involved in any kind of activities aimed at implementing its programme.

    In February 2013, the Croatian Psoriasis Patient Association became a member of EUROPSO (European Psoriasis Association) and IFPA (International Federation of Psoriasis Associations) – as the only member and representative from Croatia.

    We are supported by the:
    Croatian Dermatovenerological Association and the Referral Center for Psoriasis of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare

    Contact information:

    Coordinator: Inka Marinić

    Address: Croatian Psoriasis Association - Mate Balote 7, 52100 Pula, Croatia

    Tel: +385 91 5256438

    Email: dph.croatia@gmail.com

    Website: http://www.drustvo-psorijaticara.hr

    Language: Hrvatski


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Country population: one billion

Number of dermatologists: 5000+

There is no central forum for psoriasis, we plan to do it in annual meeting of Indian Association Of Dermatologists And Venereologists and Leprologists, in January 2009 at Bangalore

  • Created in 2007, 15 members.

    This is a forum of dermatologists, meeting for academic discussions, discussing difficult cases, exchanging data, conducting free camps in various hospitals, with pharmaceuticals help, interacting with other groups in India, also associating with Rheumatologists.

    We plan to do similar one at National meeting in January 2009, to start a bigger national forum for the benefit of dermatologists and patients .

    Contact information:

    Coordinator: Prof. A. S. Kumar

    Address: Psoriasis India-IADVL - Owaisi Hospital & Research Center, Deccan college of medical sciences, kanchanbagh, Princess Esra Hospital, Charminar, Hyderabad

    Tel: 91-40-24340169, 91-40-24343129

    Fax: 91-40-24340144

    Email: dr.askumar@gmail.com

    Website: http://www.spindermatology.org/pso-iadvl/

    Language: English


Country population: 235 000 000

Number of dermatologists: 700

  • Created in 2006, 400 members.

    Indonesian Psoriasis Care Foundation or Yayasan Peduli Psoriasis
    Indonesia (YPPI)is a non-profit organization.
    Founded by some psoriasis and psoriatic-arthritis patients in 2006.

    In 2004, some of us were involved in recuperating a psoriasis association.

    Afterwhich we decided to build a new psoriasis organization, whose membership consists only of patients.

    Contact information:

    Coordinator: Helena B. Intan

    Address: Indonesian Psoriasis Care Foundation - 23 Niaga Hijau 9. Pondok Indah. Jakarta 12310

    Tel: +62 21 7033 2425

    Fax: +62 21 750 7739

    Email: contact@psoriasisindonesia.org

    Website: http://www.psoriasisindonesia.org

    Language: Indonesia

  • Created in 2000, 50 members.

    Indonesian Psoriasis Study Group, patronized by Indonesian Dermatologist Association. Its members are dermatologists from all major universities which have dermato-venerology department.

    Other members include rheumatologist, pathologist, pharmacologist and psychiatrist.

    We have national meeting, held every three years, concurrent with our national dermatology congress.

    Contact information:

    Coordinator: Prof. DR. Dr. Benny E. Wiryadi, Dermatologist

    Address: Indonesian Psoriasis Study Group - Jl. Mangga Besar VII No.27

    Tel: +62216295232

    Fax: +62216245039

    Email: bwiryadi@hotmail.com

    Website: http://www.spindermatology.org/ipsg/

    Language: Indonesia

IRAN (Islamic Republic of)

Country population: 80.000.000

Number of dermatologists: 600


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Country population: 7000000

Number of dermatologists: 350

The prevalence of psoriasis in Israel is between 2 - 2.5%.

  • Created in 2008, 11 members.

    The group is composed of dermatologists from several medical centers in Israel whose clinical and research field of interest is psoriasis.

    The aim of the group is to enrich the knowledge base of psoriasis and to enhance research cooperation between dermatologists.

    Contact information:

    Coordinator: Lev Pavlovsky MD PhD.

    Address: Psoriasis Group in Israel - Dermatology Dept. Rabin Medical Center, Petah Tikwa, Israel

    Tel: +97239376652

    Email: levpav@post.tau.ac.il

    Website: http://www.spindermatology.org/psi/

    Language: English


Country population: 58 000 000

Number of dermatologists: 3 500

  • FEDIPSO is the Italian Umbrella Organization of the non-profit Psoriasis Patients’ Associations.

    The Federation is independent from pharmaceutical industries and laboratories, and does not receive any income from them.

    The Federation is recognized by law as a "Non-Profit Public Utility Organization" and associate only patients’ associations with the same characteristics.

    With the member associations it works for the patients’ rights and has activities like to:

    • organize meetings for patients to better inform without external or market influence;
    • produce newsletters for patient’s information;
    • coordinate the common activities;
    • sign for common facilities for the patients;
    • promote the collaboration with the other organization and between the associations;
    • elaborate and present proposals of new laws regarding the psoriasis patients;
    • keep the contact with the governmental institutions;
    • represent the patients in the public committees;
    • promote research programs and the public information;
    • legally help the members;
    • collaborate with other national or foreign associations or organizations with similar objectives;
    • and many other ...

    Contact information:

    Coordinator: Pierluigi Pennati

    Address: FEDIPSO onlus - Via Garibaldi, 65 - 20099 Sesto S.G. - Milano

    Tel: +393389646500

    Fax: +3902700406203

    Email: info@fedipso.it

    Website: http://www.fedipso.it

    Language: Italiano

  • Created in 2005, 152 members.

    Psocare is a network of dermatological centers established in Italy in 2005. The network was prompted by the Italian Agency of Medication (AIFA) with the aim of improving knowledge about the efficacy and safety profiles of new systemic treatment for psoriasis.

    The Psocare Centers are identified by regional governments as reference centers for psoriasis. The Psocare Programme links the prescription of new systemic treatment for psoriasis with the provision of data through a web-based database. Registered patients are followed-up for a minimum of three years.

    Contact information:

    Coordinator: Centro Studi GISED

    Address: Psocare - AIFA - USC Dermatologia - OO.RR. - Largo Barozzi, 1 - 24128 Bergamo

    Tel: 0039035400625

    Fax: 0039035269603

    Email: info@psocare.it

    Website: http://psocare.agenziafarmaco.it/

    Language: Italiano

  • Created in 1989, 20000 members.

    A.DI.PSO. (Association for the Defence of Psoriasis Patients) was founded in November, 1989, with the aim of providing positive assistance to people affected by psoriasis.

    The main objective of A.DI.PSO. has always been to increase public awareness on the specific problems of the disease, to promote initiatives in the interest of patients and inform them on the latest treatments available both in Italy and abroad.

    Among its many concerns, the Association has constantly worked for having psoriasis and arthritic psoriasis officially recognized as a social, as well as a disabling disease. This objective was finally realized thanks to the regular “presence” of the Association in the Ministry of Health and Welfare in Italy.

    A.DI.PSO. also contributed to the development of the research program of the Institute of Reumatology in the University of Rome “La Sapienza” on the methods for evaluating the severity of the functional deficit of arthritic-psoriasis patients.

    The Association has also collaborated with the genetics group of the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, involved in the study of family segregation caused by psoriasis.

    A.DI.PSO also encourages regular meetings with patients to promote a dialogue and an exchange of ideas and experiences in order to try to improve the patients’ quality of life.

    A.DI.PSO.’s President, Dr. Mara Maccarone, was appointed as President of the “PAN European Psoriasis Patients’ Organizations Forum” (PE.Pso.POF). She is also President of FIMDe (Italian Federation Dermatological Diseases) and has been elected to the Executive Board of the EPF (European Patients’ Forum), based in Brussels, to represent Psoriatic Patients in EUROPE. Active member and participant to several annual conferences, she has also been involved in the organization of many important events/congresses, in particular for what concerns Dermatology Congresses. In June, 2005, she was nominated “Honorary Member” of the Italian Scientific Societies of Dermatology, SIDeMaST and ADOI.

    In 1993 A.DI.PSO founded a journal that is now published every three months and sent to its members as well as dermatologists and family doctors. The journal has a circulation of 250.000 copies and aims at informing, in a systematic manner, all parties on the various developments within the field of Psoriasis.

    Contact information:

    Coordinator: Mara Maccarone

    Address: ADIPSO - Via Tacito 90

    Tel: +39063211545

    Fax: +39063211545

    Email: mara@adipso.org

    Website: http://www.adipso.org

    Language: Italiano


Country population: 120,000,000

Number of dermatologists: 10,000

Japanese Dermatological Association

Japanese Society of Investigative Dermatology

We have also several psoriatic patients associations in Japan. The English names are not available.

  • Created in 1991, about 600 members.

    In order to promote the research and clinical study of Japanese psoriasis patients, the Japanese Society for Psoriasis Research was founded in 1991.

    Annual meeting: once a year held in various places in Japan.

    About 600 active members are included.

    We publish Proceedings of Annual Meeting of the Society every year.

    Contact information:

    Coordinator: Depart. Dermatology, Asahikawa Medical College

    Address: Japanese Society for Psoriasis Research - Midorigaoka-Higashi 2-1-1-1, Asahikawa, Japan

    Tel: Japan 0166-68-2528

    Fax: Japan 0166-68-2528

    Email: kansen-admin@umin.ac.jp

    Website: http://jspr.umin.jp/

    Language: 日本語


Country population: 5.5 million

Number of dermatologists: 100

Pan Arab league of Dermatology: www.panarabderm.org

  • Created in 12/12/1977 , 153 members.













    Contact information:

    Coordinator: Dr. Medhat Abdel Malek

    Address: The Jordanian Society for Dermatology and Venereology - Professional Associations Complex, Al Shareef Abd Al Hameed Sharaf St 31, Amman 11194

    Tel: 0096265665620

    Fax: 0096265686435

    Email: mohmdsahel@yahoo.com

    Website: www.jsdvdsl.com

    Language: English


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  • Created in 2009, 206 members.

    Africa Psoriasis Organization

    Africa psoriasis organization was formerly registered in Kenya as a voluntary non-governmental organization N.G.O on 27th March, 2009. It has now been introduced to psoriasis patients, medical professionals and pharmaceutical industries nationwide. APSO is directed by people who have psoriasis and membership is open to those with psoriasis, their relatives and friends, medical professionals, corporate organizations dealing with medical matters including pharmaceutical companies. Currently APSO has 150 patients’ members, 10 medicals professionals and 2 corporate companies. APSO main mission is to educate the public, improve psoriasis treatment and support psoriasis research.

    Contact information:

    Coordinator: Michael Kinyanjui

    Address: Africa Psoriasis Organization - Po BOX 20548 - 00100 GPO, NAIROBI - KENYA

    Tel: +254 720 373941

    Fax: +254 20 2243095

    Email: kinyanjui@psoriasisafrica.org

    Website: http://www.psoriasisafrica.org

    Language: English


Country population: 6 millions

Number of dermatologists: 209

Libyan psoriasis group:

Prof. Mohamed Benghazil. (Chairman)

Prof. Gamal Ahmed Duweb.

Prof. Ali H Elzurghany.

Dr. Abdelaziz H Alahlafi.

Dr. Ibrahim Almukahal.

Dr. Omran Bugrein.

Dr. Ibtisam Mangoush.

Dr. Murada Muttardi.

Dr. Mohamed Elhashme.

Dr. Said Ezzoubi

Dr Emhemed Abdulal.

Dr. Abdelhamid Alorfi

Dr. Ali M Gargoom

Dr.Fathi Alballali

Dr. Safaa Alfaitouri

Dr. Halima Ereibi.

Dr. Mohamed Taweel

Dr. Omran Buzariba.

Dr. Nawal Altawati.

Dr. Ahmed Mulitan.

Dr. Ali Lashhab

Dr. Khamis Elmabruk

Dr. Aisha Najat Mormosh

Dr. Abdulmajid Murgum

Dr. Mahfudh Abuhamida

Dr. Abdurrahman alsharif

Dr. Khiri Algaid

Dr. Bashir Zandah

Dr. AlFituri Alhasluk

Dr. Mabruk Shalaka

Dr. Khalid Nawasiri

Dr. Amara Alhamali

Dr. Adel Elmodeir

Dr. Najaj Sager

  • Created in 1992, 209 members.

    Libyan society of dermatologists established at 1992, at this stage about 200 Libyan doctors in the specialty are members. The society board
    includes Prof Gamal A Duweb, the president, Prof Ali H Elzurghany, vice president and Dr. Ibrahim A Almukahal, the treasurer.

    The society has organized 3 national dermatology congresses ( Benghazi 2004, Albeida 2006 and Sirt 2008) with participation of international cooperation with distinguished guest speakers including prof L. Dubertret, prof A Giannetti, Prof J Pace and others. We organized the 15th Maghrebian dermatology congress 2008.

    The society is a member of the Maghrabian dermatology Federation, and Pan Arab League of dermatology. Also the society is active member of Mediterranean genodermatosis. Participation of the society members with scientific papers in almost all EADV congresses in the past 15 years.

    Libyan psoriasis group has been recently established with plan to study in details the epidemiology of the disease over the country and the common medications used to treat the disease in our place and how common the use of systemic therapy as treatment modality.

    Libyan psoriasis group:
    Prof. Mohamed Benghazil. (Chairman) Prof. Gamal Ahmed Duweb.
    Prof. Ali H Elzurghany. Dr. Abdelaziz H Alahlafi.
    Dr. Ibrahim Almukahal. Dr. Omran Bugrein.
    Dr. Ibtisam Mangoush. Dr. Murada Muttardi.
    Dr. Mohamed Elhashme. Dr. Said Ezzoubi
    Dr Emhemed Abdulal. Dr. Abdelhamid Alorfi
    Dr. Ali M Gargoom Dr.Fathi Alballali
    Dr. Safaa Alfaitouri Dr. Halima Ereibi.
    Dr. Mohamed Taweel Dr. Omran Buzariba.
    Dr. Nawal Altawati. Dr. Ahmed Mulitan.
    Dr. Ali Lashhab Dr. Khamis Elmabruk
    Dr. Aisha Najat Mormosh Dr. Abdulmajid Murgum
    Dr. Mahfudh Abuhamida Dr. Abdurrahman alsharif
    Dr. Khiri Algaid Dr. Bashir Zandah
    Dr. AlFituri Alhasluk Dr. Mabruk Shalaka
    Dr. Khalid Nawasiri Dr. Amara Alhamali
    Dr. Adel Elmodeir Dr. Najaj Sager

    Contact information:

    Coordinator: Gamal A Duweb

    Address: Libyan society of dermatologists and venereologists - POBox 11628,Benghazi-Libya

    Tel: 218913752571

    Fax: 218619095361

    Email: gamal_a_duweb@hotmail.com

    Website: http://www.spindermatology.org/lsdv/

    Language: English


Country population: 27,467,837

Number of dermatologists: 80

Dermatological Society of Malaysia

  • Created in 2007, 5919 members.

    The Malaysian Psoriasis Registry (MPR) is a skin disease clinical registry. It is a prospective, ongoing systematic collection of data pertaining to patients who have psoriasis. The main reason for setting up a psoriasis registry is to have more accurate data on the various aspects of psoriasis in Malaysia. This would help in assessing the true magnitude of the problem in Malaysia, including the demographic data, types of psoriasis, its severity, aggravating factors, any associated joint and nail involvement and the various types of therapies commonly used. Having a psoriasis registry should also help in research work and more importantly in improving the overall management of the patients.

    The MPR has the following objectives:

    Primary objective:
    To obtain more accurate data on various aspects of psoriasis in Malaysia.

    Secondary objectives:
    1. To determine the socio-demographic profiles of patients with psoriasis.
    2. To determine the disease burden attributed to psoriasis.
    3. To provide information for planning of medical services, facilities, manpower and training related to the management of psoriasis.
    4. To stimulate and facilitate research on psoriasis and its management.

    Scope of MPR

    The MPR is intended to be a truly national population based disease and treatment registry. Hence it seeks the participation of all providers of dermatological services in both the public and private sectors in Malaysia.

    The MPR collects demographic data, clinical data, quality of life and modalities of treatment used.

    Contact information:

    Coordinator: Dr Chang Choong Chor

    Address: Malaysian Psoriasis Registry - Department of Dermatology, Hospital Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Pahang, 50586 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Tel: +60326155225

    Fax: +60326985927

    Email: dermreg@acrm.org.my

    Website: http://www.acrm.org.my/dermreg

    Language: English


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  • Created in 2003, 900 members.

    The Asociación Mexicana contra la psoriasis (AMCPSO) was created in 2003 by patients with psoriasis and their relatives with the purpose of helping each other with the burden of the illness and improve their quality of life.

    As an association AMCPSO offers through its website (www.asociacionpsoriasis.com.mx) information about psoriasis, advise through its medical board of dermatologists and a Forum to discuss concerns about their disease and treatment. AMPSO has also formed several groups of self-support within patients and also within relatives. 2 hour meetings are held once a month in the Dermatology Department of the Hospital General de México to achieve patients education. Also in AMCPSO offices, two self-support meetings are held monthly.

    Since 2004 the World Psoriasis Day has been celebrated by AMCPSO with a medical and patients Simposium.

    Contact information:

    Coordinator: RICARDO NAVARRO

    Address: Asociación Mexicana contra la Psoriasis - Tenayuca 55-204 México, D.F.

    Tel: 525556012555

    Email: amcpso@hotmail.com

    Website: http://www.asociacionpsoriasis.com.mx

    Language: Español


Country population: 4 000 000

Number of dermatologists: 185

At the moment, there are not any psoriasis organizations. But we intend to be the first one in our country.


Country population: 30 000 000

Number of dermatologists: 500

A new group of psoriasis is under formation

  • Created in 2007, 50visitors /day members.

    DERMATOMAROC is the first and the only dermatological website in Morocco, with many clinical cases, rares skin diseases, and with a magnific atlas.

    Contact information:

    Coordinator: Dr Douieb AK

    Address: DERMATOMAROC - HPLM, 92000,Morocco

    Tel: 0021261204376

    Email: douieb@menara.ma

    Website: http://www.dermatomaroc.com

    Language: Français

  • Created in 2008, 21 members.

    Goals (ARTICLE 2 of statutes) :

    1. To promote a movement of solidarity and mutual assistance face this chronic disease often poorly experienced by patients and their families.
    2. To inform and educate by actions concerning the sick and relating to the origin of the disease, the possible evolution, the types of treatment, hygiene of life, in the decision of remedies or drugs not prescribed by the doctor.
    3. Supporting health professionals by all means available association for issuing quality care
    4. Contributing to the promotion of medical research on the psoriasis.

    Contact information:

    Coordinator: Abdellatif IDRISSI AZZOUZI

    Address: Association Marocaine du Psoriasis (AMP) - Centre de Diagnostic Bab Bouiba Rabat

    Tel: 00 212 61 38 71 35

    Fax: 00 212 67 13 20

    Email: marocpsoriasis@yahoo.fr

    Website: http://www.spindermatology.org/amp/

    Language: Français


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  • Created in 1974, 8000 members.

    http://www.pvnnet.nl is the website of the Dutch Psoriasis Patients Association: Psoriasis Vereniging Nederland (PVN).

    The PVN is the national psoriasis association of the Netherlands.

    The PVN gives information about psoriasis, by meetings, by telephone (psoriasis-information-phone)by their magazine ’Psoriasis’ and their website.

    Every two years the PVN celebrate the National Psoriasis Day by organizing a big patients meeting.

    Contact information:

    Coordinator: Secretary of the PVN

    Address: Psoriasis Vereniging Nederland - Diepenhorstlaan 2H 2288 RIJSWIJK

    Tel: ++31(0)70 3838003

    Email: secretariaat@pvnnet.nl

    Website: http://www.pvnnet.nl

    Language: Nederlands


Country population: 140 Million

Number of dermatologists: 64

Dermatology associtions in Nigeria:

  1. Nigerian association of Dermatologists (National)
  2. Southwest Dermatology society (Regional)
  3. Lagos Dermatology society (Regional)

Disease specific study groups are in the process of being setup at the National level

  • Created in 2004, 64 members.

    The Nigerian Association of Dermatologists (NAD)

    We the members of the above named association after due process have resolved to relate to each other for better understanding, cooperation and progress in our field of practice in dermatology and venereology.

    i. The body of members shall be known as Nigerian Association of Dermatologists (NAD),

    ii. The association includes all Dermatologists/Venereologists and residents in dermatology/venereology.

    iii. Plastic surgeons and laboratory scientists and other health workers whose areas of disciplines are related to Dermatology and Venereology can be admitted as associate members.

    The objectives of the association are as follows:

    i. To improve the practice of Dermatology/venereology as a professional discipline in Nigeria and worldwide.

    ii. To provide practice-oriented, scientifically-based, educational programs in all areas of Dermatology/Venereology.

    iii. To promote continuing professional development of all Dermatologists

    iv. To assist government in formulation of policies that will enhance adequate training and practice of dermatology at all levels.

    v. To promote public awareness of skin health

    vi. To cooperate with organizations which have similar aims and objectives.

    President: Professor Emmanuel Kubeyinje

    Secretary - General: Dr. Abel Onunu

    Contact information:

    Coordinator: Dr. Abel Onunu

    Address: Nigerian Association of Dermatologists - Dept. of Medicine, University of Benin Teaching Hospital, PMB 1111, Benin City, Nigeria

    Tel: +234 80 33821991

    Fax: -

    Email: abelonunu@yahoo.com

    Website: http://www.spindermatology.org/nad/

    Language: English

Palestinian Territories

Country population: 4,5 million

Number of dermatologists: 35


Number of Dermatologists: 1025

Philippine Dermatological Society: www.pds.org.ph

  • Created in 2005, 600+ members.

    Psoriasis Philippine Online Community, Inc. (Psorphil Online) is a duly SEC registered non-stock-non-profit organization. With its membership numbering more than 600, PSORPHIL is a community of people with psoriasis, their families, friends and doctors from reputable medical institutions. Its mission is to support people who have psoriasis to become productive, self-reliant, and to significantly improve their quality of life. To achieve its mission, Psorphil Online has initiated the C-A-R-E-S program over the past two years.

    Psorphil Online is now an official member of International Federation of Psoriasis Association (IFPA). Being the 29th member of the organization, Psorphil, strives to give nonprofit psoriasis associations a voice on behalf of the people who have psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis and explore the challenges psoriasis presents to the international psoriasis community.
    • Psorphil celebrates World Psoriasis Day every October 29 since the year 2005. Respected Doctors and people who have psoriasis together with their families and friends meets up every October to showcase Hope and Unity among its members to the World. This is a fun-filled event that aims to reach out to other people who have psoriasis and to provide psoriasis awareness to the general public.

    • PSORPHIL LIVELIHOOD ASSISTANCE NETWORK (PLANET) aims to assist the economically challenged members of the psoriasis community with livelihood assistance. In line with our mission, we aim to educate them for sustainability and encourage them to build a healthy future for themselves and their family. Nominees from different Psoriasis Support Groups will be given the chance to be a PLANET Grantee.

    • Psorphil Online coordinates with Top Pharmaceutical Companies to form study groups to find the best management/treatment, if not cure, for Psoriasis.
    • Psorphil has its own scientific committee that religiously research and study the present treatments available.

    • Through Psorphil’s effective campaign, together with its media partners, the public learns more than just knowing that psoriasis is not contagious. They discover that people who have psoriasis can live normally and productively if they will be given a chance by the community.

    • Psorphil supports its members thru constant communications and information. The family atmosphere that the community has developed has been most conducive for supporting one another.

    Contact information:

    Coordinator: Mr. Josef De Guzman

    Address: Psoriasis Philippines - Office #17, Poblete Building, 17 Gil Puyat Street, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines

    Tel: +632 3794390 ; +63 9228297767

    Email: josef@psorphil.com

    Website: http://www.psorphil.org

    Language: English


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The Portuguese Republic ( in Portuguese: República Portuguesa ) is a country located on the Iberian Peninsula, in southwestern Europe. The capital is Lisbon. The official language is the Portuguese. Its population is estimated to more than 10 million. Number of dermatologist : 400.

  • Created in 2005, 500 members.

    In 2004 a group of people suffering from psoriasis gathered to establish an association. Now, this association is promoting and organizing campaigns with the purpose of informing the general public about the social and professional discrimination that affects those who suffer from this condition.

    This discrimination is a consequence of the appearance of the affected skin which seriously conditions one’s life.
    Psoriasis is not yet known by the majority of people, thus, many patients cannot identify their own symptoms and consequently how to treat them.

    PSOPortugal was formally established in February 2005 and is part of Europso.

    Purposes of PSOPortugal

    Inform patients and general public about psoriasis

    Spreading information of the causes and effects of the disease in order to prevent discrimination

    Persuade authorities that psoriasis is a chronic condition

    Cooperate with the national and international scientific community in the investigation of a cure

    Improve patients’ quality of life

    Contact information:

    Coordinator: João Carlos Cunha

    Address: PSOPortugal - Associação Portuguesa da Psoríase - R. Alberto de Sousa, nº6, Zona B do Rego,1600-002 Lisboa

    Tel: +351 918460201

    Email: info@poportugal.com

    Website: http://www.psoportugal.com

    Language: Português


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  • Created in 2009, 200 members.

    The Organization purpose is: rendering assistance to people having psoriasis.

    For achievement of the authorized purposes according to the current legislation of the Russian Federation the Organization carries out following species of activity:

    • renders moral and psychological support to people having psoriasis;
    • promotes social and legal protection for people, those having psoriasis and accompanying diseases (psoriatic arthritis, parapsoriasis, psoriatic onycholysis etc.);
    • assistance in diffusion of the information on modern achievements in medicine on treatment and prophylaxis (prevention) of psoriasis and accompanying diseases;
    • rendering of assistance in medical and other species of scientific researches;
    • assistance to introduction in practice of modern ways of diagnostics and treatment of people having psoriasis and accompanying diseases;
    • independently or together with state and public organizations holds occurrings, consultations, seminars, clubs, the congresses, conferences, round tables, discussions with experts in the field of treatment and prophylaxis of psoriasis and accompanying diseases;
    • carries out interaction with the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Social Protection of the Russian Federation, other ministries and departments, and also with all public authorities of the Russian Federation and local governments by working out the social and economic, scientifically-medical and other programs affecting the rights and legitimate interests of people having psoriasis;
    • will organize financing of projects, programs in the field of treatment and prophylaxis of psoriasis and accompanying diseases;
    • involves donations from Russian and foreign legal and physical persons in the form of monetary and material agents;
    • carries out charity actions;
    • renders the information, advisory and organizational help to members of the Organization and to people;
    • carries out protection of the general interests of members of the Organization, working out offers on perfection of the legislation of the Russian Federation on the subjects;
    • develops and publishes the informational and methodical literature on the subjects;
    • coordinates activity of own structural sections - units, branches and representatives;
    • informs the public on Organization activity;
    • carries out publishing activity.

    Contact information:

    Coordinator: Nataliya Sitnikova

    Address: Interaction - Regional Public Organization of the Help to People Having Psoriasis - PO box 60, Moscow, 131000, Russia

    Tel: +79031133633

    Email: forum.psor@gmail.com

    Website: http://www.forum-psor.ru/roo/index-e.html

    Language: русский

Saudi Arabia

Country population: 17 million

Number of dermatologists: 600

  • Created in 2008, 10 members.

    This is a newly developed group whose main concern is psoriasis. Any physician interested in psoriasis can have access to the information posted in this site. Besides psoriasis patients are welcomed to join to discuss issues related to their disease.

    Contact information:

    Coordinator: Prof. Iqbal A. Bukhari

    Address: Saudi Psoriasis Group - King Fahad Hsopital of the University

    Email: dermbukhari@gmail.com

    Website: http://www.spindermatology.org/spg/

    Language: عربي


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  • Created in 1979, 2000 members.

    The Psoriasis Association of Slovenia was formed in 1979. In the year of 2005 it was registered as a Non Profit Humanitarian Organization based in Maribor with 11 regional branch offices all over the country. Association has 2000 active members. We celebrated 30th annversary of Psoriasiss Association of Slovenia this year.
    The Psoriasis Association of Slovenia is managed by volunteers. Our mission is to improve the quality of life of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis sufferers through education, information and increased awareness.

    The objectives of the Association are to:

    provide comprehensive information to psoriasis sufferers thereby increasing their understanding and acceptance of the condition

    establish a point of social contact and support to members

    in cooperation with The Health Insurance Institute of Sloveniaor we organize contractual medical rehabilitation treatment for psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis sufferers in our thermal springs and or our coast resort - approximately for 200 patients yearly

    we enable our members and their relatives, one week vacation in two apartments located in thermal resorts (Association property). It is so called family treatment programme.

    represent the national interests of members, assist them in their needs and urge governments to give due consideration to psoriasis sufferers in their program

    encourage and promote further research about psoriasis in the medical field

    Contact information:

    Coordinator: Mr. Franc Jamnik


    Tel: Telephone: +386 (0)2 420 22 12 GSM +386 (0)40 456 935

    Email: franc.jamnik@drustvo-psoriatikov.si

    Website: http://www.drustvo-psoriatikov.si/

    Language: Slovenščina


Country population: 45 million

Number of dermatologists: approx 2000

  • Created in 2004, 30 members.

    The Spanish Psoriasis Group of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology was founded in 2004 and has the following aims:

    1. To foster scientific knowledge on psoriasis pathogenesis, epidemiology, genetics, clinical manifestations, psychosocial implications and therapy.

    2. To promote personal relationship among specialists in psoriasis

    3. To facilitate the participation of Spanish dermatologists specialized in psoriasis in national and international societies focused on psoriasis

    4. To promote scientific research in psoriasis

    5. To promote the collaboration with basic research scientists in common projects and scientific exchange

    6. To cooperate with health authorities, scientific societies, academic institutions, health care facilities, patient associations, teaching units, pharmaceutical companies, publishing companies, scientific foundations, communication media and other relevant institutions in order to achieve the aims of the Group

    7. To produce didactic material on any format or support that might contribute to improve the knowledge, divulgation and management of psoriasis within our medical specialty

    8. To organize and promote courses, seminars, lectures, symposia aimed to continued medical education on psoriasis

    9. To create, support and sponsor grants, awards, travel grants, teaching exchanges and fellowships aimed to promote research projects or professional perfectionment in psoriasis

    10. The group is a non-profit organization

    This Group is national in scope and membership, collaborates with and depends on the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology.

    Membership is restricted to the standing members of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology who share the aims of the Group and request it in writing. Non-dermatologists specialized in psoriasis can become Associate members of the Group if sponsored by two members of the Ruling Committee. In both cases effective membership requires the approval of the Ruling Committee.

    Contact information:

    Coordinator: Dr. Luis Puig

    Address: Grupo Español de Psoriasis de la Academia Española de Dermatología y Venereología - AEDV. Ferraz 100, 1º izq. 28008 Madrid

    Tel: +34-915446284

    Fax: +34-915494145

    Email: psoriasis.aedv@gmail.com

    Website: https://aedv.es/institucional/grupos-de-trabajo/psoriasis/

    Language: Español

  • Created in 1993, 1.500 members.

    Acció Psoriasi is a non-profit association made up of psoriatic patients, relatives and health professionals. Our main goal is providing information and attention to improve the quality of life on psoriatic patients.

    The association, which was set up in 1993, today is working for:

    • to provide information and support to psoriatic patients and their relatives
    • to raise awareness in public opinion by means of activities that spread psoriasis
    • to be the spokesperson before the health authorities in order to achieve improvements in psoriatic patients health care and in their treatments and also providing the patients’ point of view to the medical professionals
    • to collaborate with other psoriatic patients’ associations as well as international alliances such as IFPA and Europso
    • to support social integration for psoriatic patients and fight against ignorance, prejudices and discrimination
    • to improve quality on life on psoriatic patients in a dermatological, social and psychological field keeping contact with another organizations and associations that study and are interested in this disease in our country and abroad
    • to support investigation and research and promote researches on incidence, origins, progress, therapeutics and consequences of this disease

    Contact information:

    Coordinator: Juana M. del Molino

    Address: Acció Psoriasi - Borriana, 44

    Tel: 00 34 93 246 80 22

    Fax: 00 34 93 280 42 80

    Email: psoriasi@pangea.org

    Website: http://www.acciopsoriasi.org/

    Language: Español


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  • Created in 1974, 1200 members.

    The Swiss Psoriasis and Vitiligo Association SPVG

    The Swiss Psoriasis and Vitiligo Association was founded in 1974. It is the only organisation in Switzerland with a commitment to patients, who suffer from psoriasis or vitiligo.
    At present this association counts 1200 members. They deal with divers questions and problems in connection with psoriasis and vitiligo. Furthermore, well-known doctors and specialists are available in the form of a scientific council.

    This non-profit organisation regularly informs its members about medical, legal, financial or economic matters and advocates the patients’ interests vis- -vis medical ins urances or authorities.
    The SPVG also tries to acquaint the public with the specific problems encountered by psoriasis and vitiligo patients by means of lectures and meetings.

    The bimonthly magazines „Hautsache“ in German and “La peau surtout“ in French are included in membership fees. Those members who wish to get into contact with other members can join regional groups all over Switzerland. Here they exchange experiences with others afflicted by the same illnesses.

    On their website http://www.spvg.ch divers information concerning psoriasis und vitiligo can be found.

    The Swiss association SPVG is a member of the European Association of Psoriasis (EUROPSO) and, worldwide, of the International Federation of Psoriasis Associations (IFPA).

    Main achievements: The association has grown considerably and now enjoys greater acknowledgement among doctors and authorities as well as being more publicly visible and present.

    Contact information:

    Coordinator: Adelheid Witzeling

    Address: Schweizerische Psoriasis und Vitiligo Gesellschaft - 69 Chem des Petis Bois, 12 28 Plan les Ouates

    Tel: +41 22 794 28 90

    Fax: + 41 794 10 93

    Email: adelheid_witzeling@yahoo.fr

    Website: http://www.spvg.ch

    Language: Deutsch


Country population: 20000000

Number of dermatologists: 400

  • Created in 2008, 15 members.

    The Syrian Society of Dermatology,Venereology and psoriasis goal is excellence in practice and ethical conducts of its 15 members.That is achieved by providing continued medical education through an annual conference and a summer meeting held in January and June. Workshops and special courses are organized for the members who must have at least one of the different specialty university degrees (Diploma, M Sc. and MD in dermatology and venereal diseases).

    Contact information:

    Coordinator: Prof. associated Fouz HASSAN

    Address: Syrian Society of Dermatology,Venereology and psoriasis - Lattakia- Syria

    Tel: +963 933 407864

    Fax: +96341464555

    Email: loli@scs-net.org

    Website: http://www.spindermatology.org/ssdvp/

    Language: عربي


Country population: 24 million

Number of dermatologists: 700

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Country population: 10 000 000

Number of dermatologists: 250

Tunisian Society of Dermatology and Venereology: www.dermato-tunisie.com

Online Tunisian Atlas of Dermatology: http://www.atlas-dermato.org


Country population: 71500000

Number of dermatologists: 1800


Number of dermatologists: 4000

  • Created in 2008, 150 members.

    Ukrainian Psoriasis Association was founded 25 december 2008. We are whole national non-profit organization.

    Curently we have more than 150 members in 17 (of 25) regions in Ukraine. Our members are medical specialists, mostly dermatologists, patients with psoriasis and any other people who are not indifferent to the problem of psoriasis.

    Since July 2009 we are mempers of IFPA. In 2010 we achieved membership in Europso.

    Contact information:

    Coordinator: Prof. Oleksandr Litus

    Address: NGO "Ukrainian Psoriasis Association" - 6/31 Nagirna str. Kiev 04107, Ukraine

    Tel: +380443531177

    Fax: +380444619377

    Email: office@psoriasis.in.ua

    Website: http://psoriasis.in.ua

    Language: українська

United Kingdom

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  • Created in 1993, 1000+ members.

    PAPAA is independently funded and aims to be a definitive source of information and educational material for people with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis in the UK. To be a support to both patients and professionals by providing material that can be trusted (evidence based), which has been approved and contains no bias or agendas. We will be looking to provide positive advice that enables people to be involved as they move through their healthcare journey in an informed way, which is appropriate for their needs and any changing circumstances.

    Service provided

    Information service, advice and support for people affected by psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, including carers and healthcare providers. Free information is available and twice yearly magazine called ’Skin ’n’ Bones Connection is available on subscription.

    Target group

    People with psoriasis and/or psoriatic arthritis, carers and healthcare providers.

    Contact information:

    Coordinator: David Chandler

    Address: Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis Alliance (PAPAA) - PO Box 111, St Albans, Herts, AL2 3PX. UK

    Tel: 00 44 1923 672837

    Fax: 00 44 1923 682606

    Email: info@papaa.org

    Website: http://www.papaa.org

    Language: English

United States

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