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APLCP – Association Pour la Lutte Contre le Psoriasis

2008/11/28 - News from patients associations

The French psoriasis patients association, APLCP, was founded in 1983. It is member of EUROPSO and IFPA.

Recognized of public utility by the French State in 1999, the association mains goals are:

  • To inform, support, listen and educate psoriasis patients and their entourage
  • To support research and voice patient’s expectations and needs to health institutions and pharmaceutical partners
  • To promote public awareness by means of several actions: rollerblade walk, posters, World Psoriasis Day
    Along these past 25 years, APLCP has published educational materials, such as the magazine "Pso" and several informative brochures (available on APLCP’s website). The association also organizes conferences, debates and seminaries animated by dermatologists.

They have created the therapeutical programme "School of Psoriasis", intended to help patients to take control of their condition. On the other hand, the "Prof" programme, is an operation that gets together medicine students with the patients and dermatology Professors, so that they can learn how to better deal with this illness and comprehend its full impacts.{{}}

25 years already!

APLCP celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. For this occasion, a press conference was organized followed by a benefit sale of paintings and drawings to the profit of the association. Moreover, APLCP presents a short story by Maya Nahum, La Malpeau, on how to better understand psoriasis.

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