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Turkey founds National Psoriasis Society!

2013/01/13 - News from medical groups

We are pleased to inform you that National Psoriasis Society has been founded in Turkey. The aim of the society is to play an active role in collaboration with Psoriasis International Network, become a national authority of psoriasis and a local driving force for scientific and legal issues.

The first scientific activity of the Society has been accomplished in November 3rd, 2012 at JW Marriott Hotel in Ankara with the attendance of 150 members. The scientific activity was planned during the Psoriasis Awareness Week, a week established by the society to include World Psoriasis Day and dedicated to psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis patients since National Republic Day celebrations overlaps Word Psoriasis Day activities in Turkey.

The scientific programme of this activity was started by the introduction speech of President of the society and followed by a seminar named Holistic approach to psoriasis emphasizing the importance of comorbidities in psoriasis and their management. Subsequently, a brainstorm activity was conducted with 18 members in front of the participants and directed by a professor of social science. The main topic of the brainstorm activity was the current status of psoriasis treatment and adressed the questions related to treatment goals and barriers to accomplish these goals and actions need to be taken to overcome these barriers. The last activity of morning sessions was video presentations of interviews with psoriatic patients about the burden of the disease. After lunch break, a press meeting with four faculty members and two psoriasis patients was established to drive the attention of media about the disease. The programme ended with the plenary assembly of the society. We are pleased to acknowledge that the meeting programme has achieved its goals with 14 printed and 60 online news and 1.3 million readers.

Members of the Turkish National Psoriasis Society

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