Sections: the structure of my website

Sections are the backbone of your website: they help you organize the different pages by acting as containers.

From the EDIT button, you can click on “Sections” and see all your website’s tree of sections (and subsections). You simply create a subsection by clicking on the logo.

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Pages: the content of my website

If sections are the containers of your pages, pages are the information whith which you fill your website.

Once you have created at least one section, you are ready to create your first article. You need to create at least one section in order to create articles!
To create an article you can:
- Select a specific subsection and click on “Write a new article”. The new article will be automatically added into that section.
- Click on “Articles” appearing under the EDIT button and then on “Write a new article”. However, if you choose to do it this way, your article won’t be automatically published under a specific section. In order to select a section, you have to click on “edit the article” and then click on the magnifying glass symbol in order to see the tree of sections. Finally, click on a section and then on “save”.

Many options regarding editing a text are available to you. If you want to write your text in bold, select the paragraph and click on “B”.
To see the different options offered to you, place your mouse on the different symbols and it will indicate what it is for.
If you like to see the layout of the article before saving it, click on “Preview”.

To publish an article after saving it, you change the status of your article on the left side of your screen from “editing in progress” to “published online”.

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