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PSOPortugal - Associação Portuguesa da Psoríase

Patient association


  • Psoriasis

About this organisation

  • Year of creation: 2005
  • Number of members: 500
In 2004 a group of people suffering from psoriasis gathered to establish an association. Now, this association is promoting and organizing campaigns with the purpose of informing the general public about the social and professional discrimination that affects those who suffer from this condition. This discrimination is a consequence of the appearance of the affected skin which seriously conditions one’s life. Psoriasis is not yet known by the majority of people, thus, many patients cannot identify their own symptoms and consequently how to treat them. PSOPortugal was formally established in February 2005 and is part of Europso. Purposes of PSOPortugal : Inform patients and general public about psoriasis ; Spreading information of the causes and effects of the disease in order to prevent discrimination ; Persuade authorities that psoriasis is a chronic condition ; Cooperate with the national and international scientific community in the investigation of a cure ; Improve patients’ quality of life

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