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Educational resources to learn more about chronic inflammatory skin diseases and improve your expertise in the field


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Aaron burden xt IYGB0 K Eqc unsplash
SPIN World Tour 2022

Dermatomyositis : the dermatologist perspective

Pr Paolo Amerio
SPIN Fundamentals 2022

Biomarkers for Atopic Dermatitis

Dr Dirk-Jan Hijnen
SPIN Fundamentals 2022

Apps for Inflammatory Skin Disorders: A Patient Cream Calculator

Dr Reinhart Speeckaert
Drahomir posteby mach Jtv5 Cou P u Q unsplash
SPIN World Tour 2022

Alopecia Areata - What you need to know

Dr Brett King, Pr Bianca Maria Piracinni , Pr Lidia Rudnicka, Pr Rod Sinclair, Dr Michela Starace, Pr Desmond Tobin
Ricardo gomez angel 4hh P Ud4e84 unsplash
SPIN World Tour 2022

Psoriatic Arthritis - What you need to know

Pr Alice Gottlieb, Dr Joseph Merola & Dr Lourdes Maria Perez-Chada
SPIN Fundamentals 2022

Profile of the IMID nurse

Msc. Elfie Deprez
SPIN Fundamentals 2022

Psoriasis and Cardiovascular Risk Factors

Prof. Alvaro Gonzalez-Cantero
SPIN Fundamentals 2022

Physical treatment modalities in hidradenitis suppurativa

Prof. Dr. Errols Prens
SPIN Fundamentals 2022

Nail Psoriasis

Prof. Dr. Rolland Gyulai