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Educational resources to learn more about chronic inflammatory skin diseases and improve your expertise in the field


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SPIN Fundamentals 2023

Atopic dermatitis: From Pathogenesis to Therapy

Prof Jose Manuel Carrascosa
SPIN Fundamentals 2023

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring for Biological Use in Psoriasis

Dr Lisa Schots
Aaron burden b9dr VB7x IOI unsplash
SPIN World Tour 2023

Paradoxical Reactions to IMID Treatments

Prof Curdin Conrad, Dr Francesco Messina
SPIN Fundamentals 2023

A survival guide for Drug Survival

Dr Juul van den Reek
Jake green J Ntzch Mkm ZI unsplash
SPIN World Tour 2023

Learning more about GPP

Prof Hervé Bachelez, Dr Siew Eng Choon, Prof Alexander Navarini
Oliver cole Yl C Fb G1 W19 Y unsplash
SPIN World Tour 2023

Epidemiology of Vitiligo & Possible Surgical Interventions

Prof Khaled Ezzedine, Prof Davinder Parsad, Dr Albert Wolkerstorfer
SPIN Fundamentals 2023

Differential Diagnosis of Localized Alopecia

Dr Martha Alejandra Morales-Sánchez
Arno smit s KJ7z Syl Uao unsplash
SPIN World Tour 2023

JAK Inhibitors

Dr Haur Yueh Lee, Dr Maryanne Makredes Senna & Dr David Rosmarin
SPIN Fundamentals 2023

Critical Appraised Topics (CAT)

Prof Phyllis Spuls
Aaron burden xt IYGB0 K Eqc unsplash
SPIN World Tour 2022

Dermatomyositis : the dermatologist perspective

Prof Paolo Amerio