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Educational resources to learn more about chronic inflammatory skin diseases and improve your expertise in the field


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Oliver cole Yl C Fb G1 W19 Y unsplash
SPIN World Tour 2023

Epidemiology of Vitiligo & Possible Surgical Interventions

Prof Khaled Ezzedine, Prof Davinder Parsad, Dr Albert Wolkerstorfer
SPIN Fundamentals 2023

Differential Diagnosis of Localized Alopecia

Dr Martha Alejandra Morales-Sánchez
Arno smit s KJ7z Syl Uao unsplash
SPIN World Tour 2023

JAK Inhibitors

Dr Haur Yueh Lee, Dr Maryanne Makredes Senna & Dr David Rosmarin
SPIN Fundamentals 2023

Critical Appraised Topics (CAT)

Prof Phyllis Spuls
Aaron burden xt IYGB0 K Eqc unsplash
SPIN World Tour 2022

Dermatomyositis : the dermatologist perspective

Prof Paolo Amerio
SPIN Fundamentals 2022

Biomarkers for Atopic Dermatitis

Dr Dirk-Jan Hijnen
SPIN Fundamentals 2022

Apps for Inflammatory Skin Disorders: A Patient Cream Calculator

Dr Reinhart Speeckaert
SPIN Fundamentals 2023

Usefulness of Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses for Systemic Treatments for Psoriasis

Prof Emilie Sbidian, Prof Laurence Le Cleach, Dr Robin Guelimi