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PIN Symposium - Istambul 2013

October 05, 2013

Practical information

October 05, 2013

The Psoriasis International Network (PIN) has organised a symposium during the EADV Congress in Istambul in October 2013. The scientific content was proposed by the PIN Committee.

Chair: C. Paul, Toulouse (FR)
Co-chair: L. Puig, Barcelona (ES)
Co-chair: L. Naldi, Bergamo (IT)

Cancer risk assessment in psoriasis: Power and pitfalls of registries
C. Paul, Toulouse (FR)

Drug safety and patient selection: From ideal to real
L. Puig, Barcelona (ES)

Long term safety of psoriasis treatments in relation to infection
L. Naldi, Bergamo (IT)

Cardiovascular risk in psoriasis: Is there smoke without fire?
A. Gottlieb, Boston (US)

Discussion, Q&A