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Association Psoriasis of Georgia

National working group


  • Psoriasis

About this organisation

  • Year of creation: 2009
  • Number of members: 100
Psoriasis is as old as human history. It accompanies humans, threatens their physical and psychical health. “Psoriasis as a model of dermatological diseases and a key of dermatology remains a mystery even in the 21st century. PSO Georgia, the Psoriasis Association of Georgia was established in 2009 year and takes its initial steps now. The purposes of our association are: 1. Integration of doctors dermato-venereologists, doctors of other specialties, patients with psoriasis, as well as those people, who are interested is this problem; 2. Having a complete information about psoriasis and providing and sharing of this information with doctors, patients, members of their families and the society in future by means of information (mass media, conferences, debates, seminars, conduction of national congresses, brochures); 3. Full support of the patients with psoriasis; 4. Protection of their health rights (establishing exact criteria for restriction of work qualification of patients with psoriasis); 5. Physical (their familiarization with modern methods of treatment of psoriasis) and material (searching medical institutions and pharmaceutical firms) support; 6. Destruction of stereotype existing in the society - psoriasis, as a stigma – and assessment of psychological condition and psychological support of the patients with psoriasis.; 7. Integration of our association with the similar associations worldwide. Involvement of Georgian specialists in clinical and therapeutic researches of psoriasis and making our contribution to this important cause.

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