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Deutscher Psoriasis Bund e. V.

Patient association


  • Psoriasis

About this organisation

  • Year of creation: 1973
  • Number of members: 3000+
The German Psoriasis Association was established in 1973. Today we have more than 7.000 members. In 35 regional groups, teams of volunteers organize meetings and lectures and help you with your personal problems. Additional we have more than hundred contactpersons all over Germany, who are willing to let you take part of their experiences. Our office is the central advice and direction facility where you can get information as well as the phone numbers of our regional groups and contactpersons in your area. We represent the interests of the people with psoriasis in the Federal Republic of Germany and stand up for all their concerns in the society. We want to: Improve the health care of all people with psoriasis; See the psoriasis fully accepted as a disability; Enlighten the public about our disease; Bring forward the research about the reasons and the treatment options of the psoriasis and collect and communicate the information; Activate the collaboration with other national or and international Self-Help-Organisations; Our major achievements are: We helped the treatment option Fumarderm® to be accepted in Germany and ended the discrimination of people with psoriasis in the bathorder. With more than 7.000 members we are a large Self-Help-Organisation but that is not enough. Because the duties and responsibilities for the concerns of the people with psoriasis are increasing constantly, we have to increase our number of members. You can do something for yourself and your 3 Million fellow sufferers: Become a member of the German Psoriasis Association, contact us.

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