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  • Psoriasis

About this organisation

FEDIPSO is the Italian Umbrella Organization of the non-profit Psoriasis Patients’ Associations. The Federation is independent from pharmaceutical industries and laboratories, and does not receive any income from them. The Federation is recognized by law as a "Non-Profit Public Utility Organization" and associate only patients’ associations with the same characteristics. With the member associations it works for the patients’ rights and has activities like to: organize meetings for patients to better inform without external or market influence; produce newsletters for patient’s information; coordinate the common activities; sign for common facilities for the patients; promote the collaboration with the other organization and between the associations; elaborate and present proposals of new laws regarding the psoriasis patients; keep the contact with the governmental institutions; represent the patients in the public committees; promote research programs and the public information; legally help the members; collaborate with other national or foreign associations or organizations with similar objectives; and many other ...

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