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Psoriasis Association Taiwan

Patient association


  • Psoriasis

About this organisation

  • Year of creation: 2006
  • Number of members: 240
PAT(Psoriasis association of Taiwan), established in Feb 2006, has been an active force in advocating for psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis patients in respect of medication, education, and employment, and will continue to give its best effort to light up the lives of many psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis patients. PAT’s mission is to improve the life of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis patients. We carry out our mission by assisting psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis patients to receive proper medical treatment and rehabilitation, securing special nutrients and fulfilling the needs of psoriasis patients in terms of education, employment in Taiwan. Until right now, every three month, PAT has been supporting group with patients and their families, we truly expect all the patients have positive attitude to face this disease in Taiwan, In the near future, as a global citizen, PAT will reinforce the international communication, and all of us look forward the psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis patients in the world can live better and better. PAT expects that we can communicate and share more information with other countries, and hope that we can do and contribute more for many patients who suffer from psoriasis in Taiwan as well as international society. PAT will stand with other members and countries together for fighting with psoriasis forever and help each other not only for human rights and this generation, but also for our offspring.

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