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Psoriatic and Atopic Eczema Association Czech Republic (SPAE CZ)

Patient association
Czech Republic


  • Psoriasis

About this organisation

  • Year of creation: 1989
  • Number of members: 500
In Czech Republic, there are about 500 active members of the Czech Psoriatic and Atopic Eczema Association, established 1990. We work as a voluntary and non-profit civic association. Our Psoriatic and Atopic Eczema Association meets the needs of all citizens who are afflicted with these dermatic deseases. Those who are involved in the activities of our association either from the human or career perspective can become our members too. What is our purpose? We want to improve the forms of treatment and reach better social & economic living conditions for these disabled citizens, We want to inform them about medicines cosmetics and alternative ways of treatment, We want to carry out edifying activity through the media, Exchange experience among individual members of our Psoriatic and Atopic Eczema Association, To establish contacts with european partners, To organize curative seaside stays. About our cooperation: With doctors and expert sites of some universities, With similar European patient organizations, With pharmaceutical companies and cosmetics manufacturers & dealers, With the government subcommittee for the legislative preparation – with the national council for the handicapped. Where we occassionally encounter? Via club activities of the Psoriatic and Atopic Eczema Association, Once a year on the occassion of the National congress, On various actions organized by Psoriatic and Atopic Eczema Association, curative seaside stays and so on. How can a member get information? Via bulletin issued six a year for the members, Exchange of the personal experiences on various members meetings

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