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‘Statins and Psoriasis’, a Delphi Consensus trajectory

The EADV Psoriasis Task Force, in collaboration with SPIN, has realized a project on the lipid management in psoriasis.

Main project information

Project Team

Lead - Dr Álvaro González Cantero (Spain)

Steering Committee

-Experts in Dermatology: Pr Lluis Puig (Spain), Pr Jo Lambert (Belgium), Pr Wolf Henning Boehncke (Switzerland).

-Experts in Cardiology: Pr Jose Luis Zamorano (Spain) & Pr Johan De Sutter (Belgium).

Context & objectives


  • Cardiovascular risk factors are under screened and under managed in psoriasis patients.
  • Statins prevent cardiovascular diseases in psoriasis, may improve psoriasis activity, but are underutilized, especially in severe disease.


•Scoping review of literature around the effect of statins in psoriasis, and possible mechanisms, and formulate recommendations based on this.

•Guide dermatologists towards earlier detection of dyslipidemia, and get them more acquainted with prescribing statins, where needed.

Project phases

  • Identification and validation
  • Review and selection
  • Expert consensus: Delphi method
  • Manuscript redaction

Status as of September 2022

After the first Delphi Round, results were presented to the Psoriasis experts panel. Three statements were re-evaluated and a second round was conducted.


This project resulted in an article published on JEADV on June 1st, 2023. Just click on the link to get access: