Their purpose is to enhance the efficacy of treatments and reduce their side effects. However, these combinations increase sometimes the therapeutic constraints. When they involve magistral preparations, the galenic and chemical stability of the mixture needs to be borne in mind as well as the possibility of obtaining reimbursement. There are relatively few studies on therapeutic combinations, and the following tables are the result of personal and subjective experience:

The association of small doses of systemic treatments, in order to increase their effectiveness and to decrease their side effects, are frequently used by rheumatologists but not by dermatologists. Clinical research should be developed on this topic.

[|I enjoyed the tables. However, instead of the titles “Poor”, “Acceptable”, and “Good”, which may relate to either clinical responsiveness or side effects, I would subdivide these under the two headings, ie “Clinical Responsiveness” and “Increased Risk of Side Effects”, putting “Poor”, “Acceptable”, “Good”, and “?” for each of these.|auteur215]

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