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Consensus & Controversies is now online!

2008/07/29 - News from the web office

"Psoriasis: consensus & controversies" is a forum between psoriasis experts from all around the world. The main goal is to build a multi-opinion document highlighting the different therapeutic strategies in the world. This approach allows to gather the large diversity of experiences and opinions and is the best way to identify major questions; hence, it is the motor of clinical research.

This debate is initiated by an informal paper, aiming to stimulate the expression of opinions, proposed by L. Dubertret with the comments of A. Katsambas, O. Larkö, W. Sterry, H. Hönnigsmann, H. Zachariae, P. Van de Kerkhof and Geneva’s Department of Dermatology.

Experts are kindly asked to post comments and liven the debate. Your comments can concern a word, a phrase, a paragraph or a whole chapter. Your comments will appear in the forum, once validated by the administrator.

In addition, once a year, the advisory board will include the most accurate comments in "Psoriasis: consensus & controversies".

To check out this multi-opinion text, please click here.

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