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Costa Rica Psoriasis Group - Meet them!

2017/06/21 - News from medical groups

The Costa Rican Psoriasis Group was officially established in March 2010, as a thematic group or chapter of the Costa Rican Dermatology Association (ASCODE). The Psoriasis Group comprises dermatologists that are ASCODE members and that have a shared interest in the field of psoriasis, as well as a common will to contribute to academic and scientific excellency in said field within the Costa Rican Dermatology.

The main goal of the group is to promote the development of research, education and knowledge on psoriasis at the national level (in the dermatological, medical and public health sectors), while striving to improve the quality of care provided to patients suffering from the disease, thus improving their quality of life.

The Costa Rican Psoriasis Group has worked on the organisation of several educational and academic activities at the national level. On the occasion of the World Psoriasis Day, the group has carried out actions for dermatologists, general practitioners and other healthcare professionals, as well as for patients. Moreover, the group has collaborated in the organisation of different scientific activities, such as symposia and keynote lectures with international experts during the Central American and Caribbean Congress held in San José in November 2011.

The Psoriasis Group has actively sought to collaborate in exchanges of information and professional training with other international societies that carry research or educational projects in the field of psoriasis. For this reason, the Costa Rican Psoriasis Group has become a member of the Psoriasis International Network since its establishment and has encouraged the participation of its members in international educational and academic activities, such as the International (PSO 2010, 2013 and 2016) and Latin American congresses on psoriasis.

At present, the Psoriasis Group is developing the project “Guidelines for the Treatment of Psoriasis” with the Ministry of Health of Costa Rica.

Furthermore, given its interest is social awareness, the Costa Rican Psoriasis Group is in the best position to collaborate in educational programmes with psoriasis patient associations that may come to develop in the country.

General Coordinator of the Psoriasis Group
Laura Alvarez M (2010 until 2017)

Members (Order of membership)
Laura Alvarez M.
Benjamín Hidalgo M.
Jaime Zomer S.
Carlos Alvarez R
Ileana Alfaro U.
Laura Garzona N.
Jahgnna Cordero R
Jorge Alex Abarca D
Cristhian Alvarado S
Beatriz Quesada R
Yorleni Rojas R
Sergio Cortés F

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