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Using images & documents

Insert images in the content of your pages to add life and colours to your website. To include images in an article, go on “Edit” then “Documents” and click on “Add a document”. Upload the image that you want. Then, go back to the editable part of the article and use the image by copying the image code number, for example (to include a vignette in the centre of the text) or (to include a large-format image), and pasting it into the text as shown in the image below.

If you choose the “include vignette” option, the image will be included to the text as a small vignette and people will be able to see it full-screen after clicking on it. However, the “direct inclusion” option allows you to have a large format directly included in the article.

Moreover, you can follow the same procedure to include other documents like PDF to your article.

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